The Washington Post: Hank Stuever promoted to deputy features editor


Announcement from Executive Features Editor Ben Williams:

I am happy to announce that Hank Stuever will become deputy features editor, effective immediately. Hank will focus on the Style section and the politics, media, fashion, entertainment and breaking news desks within Features, leading the daily report and working on the online Style relaunch.

Hank is known as a keeper of the Style flame for good reason. He was a Style intern in the summer of 1989, while studying journalism at Loyola University in New Orleans, before joining The Washington Post in 1999 as a Style reporter. In between, he was at the Austin American-Statesman and the Albuquerque Tribune, where his work was twice named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in feature writing, in 1993 and 1996.

Hank spent a year on the Style assignment desk in 2005-2006, and 11 years as the TV critic, from 2009 to 2020, where he reviewed more than 1,000 shows. As a writer, he’s done it all and done it with flair, from reported stories to essays to hundreds of TV reviews to a weekly ethics column to the annual Style in-and-out list. He also wrote a celebratory look at the Style section itself, as it turned 50 in 2019.

In January 2021, he became Style’s senior editor, working with writers and editors to sharpen stories, develop enterprise work and draw new readers. He especially enjoys working on the mix of culture and politics that has defined Style.

He has also been overseeing the daily print section. When the Features department changed leadership in 2022, Hank stepped up and took on additional duties to ensure continued coverage and help the department through a challenging stretch, serving as a rock for the team.

Hank has published two books: “Off Ramp,” a story and essay collection, and “Tinsel,” a deep dive into the emotional and economic impact of Christmas. Hank lives in Washington with his partner, Michael Wichita, a photo director at AARP. He would love to tell you about all the amazing things he does in his spare time, but it wouldn’t be true.

Please join me in congratulating Hank.


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