The Washington Post pauses its advertising on X

Elon Musk boosts Pizzagate conspiracy theory that led to D.C. gunfire


Elon Musk voiced support Tuesday for Pizzagate, the long-debunked conspiracy theory that led a man to fire a rifle inside a Washington, D.C., restaurant in 2016.

The far-right theory, a predecessor to QAnon, alleged that the Clintons and Democratic Party leaders ran a secret satanic child sex ring in a D.C. pizzeria known as Comet Ping Pong. ...

Musk’s post was the latest in what has become a string of tweets in which Musk boosted debunked theories and comes just one day after he visited Israel to try to tamp down anger over an explosion of antisemitism on X that has caused a growing number of advertisers to flee.

When Israeli President Isaac Herzog pressed Musk on Monday to put an end to X’s “reservoir of hatred,” Musk responded, “We need to do everything possible to stop the hate.”

A Washington Post spokesperson said Tuesday that the company had made the decision to pause its advertising on X.

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