Toledo's 'Blade' Offering $1 Subscriptions To Unemployed

By: Joe Strupp The Blade of Toledo, Ohio, is offering a new approach to helping the local unemployed, offering a three-month subscription for $1 to anyone currently out of a job.

"More than one out of every ten residents in Lucas County is unemployed," the paper stated in an announcement. "The Blade has hundreds of job listings in its classifieds section every day. The newspaper wants to bring the two sides together."

Director of Circulation Dick Fuller added in a statement: "The Blade has been covering the economic crisis in our region since it began in 2008. Today, the outlook is improving - but not fast enough to get everyone gainfully employed again. Some individuals in our community will be job hunting for another six months to a year. We wanted them to have access to information about openings as soon as possible. But how do you help them do that when they are budgeting every penny?"

The $1 deal is also renewable, the Blade announced, in three-month installments for up to a year. Subscribers must live in the Blade circulation area and may have to show proof that they are eligible for unemployment insurance.

"To the best of our knowledge, the Blade is the only daily newspaper in the tri-state region offering this kind of support to the unemployed in its community," Fuller added. "And at this price, we will be printing and distributing the extra papers at a loss. But if we help people get back to work faster, then we all win in the end."


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