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Printing 300,000+ dailies, 160,000+ weeklies and 180,000+ shoppers, Trib Total Media (TTM) still has a strong commitment to print. But their focus on digital is just as impressive with more than 40 people employed by 535 Media, their full-service agency that works with some of Western Pennsylvania’s most prestigious businesses. And even in a COVID-19 impacted marketplace, TTM achieved close to 90 percent of last year’s revenue.  

Perhaps the secret to their success is their strong commitment to staff, due to an ownership mandate to support their employees; or it could be their diversification into other industries, which help support and fund their award-winning editorial team. Maybe it’s their leadership that focuses on making sure that TTM has the staff, audience and advertising solutions it needs on an ongoing basis. 

TTM CEO Jennifer (Wolfe) Bertetto is not new to the company. Starting as a sales rep in 1998, she successfully led Trib Total Media’s 200+ employees through a tumultuous year, with plans to launch some exciting new programs in 2021. 

In this edition of E&P Reports, publisher Mike Blinder goes one-on-one with Bertetto to explore what it takes to lead such a company and what advice she would give to be successful, even in these challenging times. 

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