TUESDAY'S LETTERS: Broder Apology, Media Credibility, E&P 'Pouty'

By: E&P Staff In today's letters a reader doesn't think that David Broder need apologize for his column about the Iraq War, another reader thinks that we shouldn't only look to the left for credible information, and a reader thinks E&P is "pouty" when referring ot Ann Coulter.


Broder Apology Not Required

I read Broder's column and disagreed. However I VEHEMENTLY disagree with the idea that he should apologize. He has the right to his opinion. Broder is a thoughtful writer. He is entitled to his opinion just as we are all entitled to ours. Name calling has no place. Just because the Rush Limbaughs of the world do it, doesn't mean liberals and moderates and have to stoop to it.

Larraine Formica


Coulter Makes E&P Pouty

You guys often sound so pouty, particularly describing Ann Coulter. This week [a letter writer] called her a "vitriolic, childish racist." You are using up your talent and your reputation on name calling. Either argue with her points of view by proposing alternatives, or shut up about her. Coulter name calling does not have to be the introduction to every piece. In giving her ink without substantial criticism, you sound so "junior high."

Kevin Condon
Boulder, Colo.


Bias and Credibility

In Monday's letters, Ian Schachner asked, "What in the world does it take for someone in the US to lose their credibility these days?"

I know -- shout from the rooftops citing flimsy, less-than-scientific theory that global warming is destroying the planet. Only we Americans are to blame, and only we Americans must endure heavy sacrifice to reverse it. How's that? Let's not let that guy have any credibility, OK?

Mr. Schachner named many conservative voices in his tirade and implied that only other-than-right-wing voices are to be given credibility -- no BS ever comes from the left, right?

I've got a better idea -- publish and/or broadcast all sides and let the readers sort it out. The Ian Schachners of the world have obviously forgotten about the First Amendment.

Will Daniel
Richmond, Va.


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