UPDATE: AP Layoff Count Hits 90, Meets Goal

By: Joe Strupp The count of Associated Press union employees laid off this week has risen to 90, which, according to the news cooperative, meets its goal of cutting annual payroll costs by 10%. It is the AP's largest cut in newsroom layoffs in memory, roughly 2% of its workforce.

E&P's previous count on Thursday had the layoff total at 71, according to the News Media Guild, which states that an additional 14 employees received termination notices Wednesday.

A guild report to members had said the laid-off staffers included nine newspersons, three editorial assistants, one photographer, and one office assistant. It also adds that the cuts affect correspondents in Dayton, Ohio; Roanoke, Va.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; and Jacksonville, Fla.

The cuts began Tuesday and followed last year?s announcement by AP that it planned to reduce payroll by 10% before the end of 2009. AP had already cut about 100 positions through buyouts last summer and instituted a hiring freeze in 2008.

The News Media Guild represents about 1,300 of the AP?s 4,000 employees.

Gawker.com has been keeping a running tally map, based on reports and tipsters.


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