Vision25: Building Racial Equity in Newsrooms


Vision25: "Building Racial Equity in Newsrooms" is a new initiative started as a collaboration between the Online News Association, the Maynard Institute and OpenNews, with a goal to be a major catalyst creating social change within journalistic institutions that help newsrooms be anti-racist and collaborative, and where journalists of color feel like they truly belong. Vision25 is creating programs that any news organization can access, in order to effect change in leadership, workforce and partnerships that can result in building a truly anti-racists environment.

In this segment of “E&P Reports,” E&P Publisher Mike Blinder speaks with Vision25 founders: Irving Washington, Executive Director/CEO Online News Association; Sisi Wei, Director of Programs OpenNews; and Martin G. Reynolds Co-Executive Director, Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, to learn why they feel there is such a need for such an initiative today, and, how news publishers can take advantage of the Vision25 resources. 

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  • GretschProf

    Who are you kidding? People of color dominate many news sets. They are over represented on the network news and people like Gayle King can't seem to do a story without making a racial comment. I see stories on the morning "news" that have little or no real news value, focused on issues of interest only to people of color. Look at your panel of experts! Real news is color blind. Stories with news value can be delivered by reporters of any ethnic group. The only standard should be that of competency. I taught in higher ed for 35 years and that was always my standard. When all other criteria were excluded, people of color did just fine, and representation was equal to or greater than that of the population. I can also say that I have former students who shouldn't even be allowed to visit a newsroom working as reporters and anchors. The new standard seems to ignore legitimate news, and focus on opinions and activism. Trying to achieve your own view of balanced news and news personnel will only yield an NBA type standard, with token diversity in both news coverage and news crews.

    Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Report this