Voice’s Creator Incubator Program is the Home for Authentic Online Engagement


It’s no secret that content creators are finding it increasingly difficult to have valuable conversations online. Everyone has the ability to publish — but not everyone is able to have their work rise above the cacophony on channels where algorithms favor the loud and provocative.

There’s an additional problem with all that noise: much of it is made by bots, spamming comment sections and replies without pause. Picking through the mess would be far more than a full-time job for creators already struggling to earn adequate compensation for their work. 

Voice offers a new kind of experience, providing writers and journalists a place to earn true engagement, on a platform free of bots and trolls. Authenticity is the cornerstone of the Voice platform, and civil engagement has rekindled the social aspect of online connections.

“I believe that if you create a really compelling and differentiated content experience, then people will come,” says Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo.

Voice’s sign up technology ensures that everyone on Voice is a verified human and a real account. Everything else (bots, burner accounts, duplicates) is blocked at the door which helps prevent trolls from engaging in the communities and maintains authenticity for the community members.

“Being [on Voice] has been a breath of fresh air compared to my time spent on other social media platforms,” says Ann Ittoop, a recipe developer and food storyteller. “The team behind the platform really cares about building engaged and nurtured communities which is evident when you start interacting with other creators in the space.”

Ittoop created The Familiar Kitchen food blog and has been featured in The New York Times, Brown Girl Magazine, and on ABC’s The Chew. She says the Voice Communities have helped her expand the expression of her brand.

“The space feels more intimate,” Ittoop says. “You’re talking with real people who actually want to have a conversation versus just arbitrarily engaging with my content. It’s a nice change.”

Voice has recently launched an incubator program that allows creators to launch topic-based community gathering spaces. They can recruit other creators and easily build their following, while being compensated for their efforts.

“The Incubator program is part of our ongoing dedication to rewarding creators,” Zalatimo says. “Those creating the content for social media should be the ones earning from it, not the big tech platforms. Voice provides the custom content curation and engagement gathering space.”

Members of the Incubator program work with mentors to optimize their community spaces for engagement -- the more engaged the community is, the more creators are rewarded.

 “One thing I noticed almost immediately was how welcoming and engaged the pre-existing community members were,” says Evan Blass, a tech blogger and journalist who built a reputation for breaking news on smartphone and tablet releases. He was named one of the best writers and thinkers on the internet by Wired magazine.

“Even though most people had not heard of me or what I do, I still felt like I was contributing an important facet of the conversation, based on the positive feedback that seems almost baked into the platform,” Blass says. He’s only been on Voice since October, but says the mentors in the Incubator program have been “super supportive.”

“What I do — posting information and imagery about unreleased mobile phones — is rather unique and has proven challenging to monetize with any consistency,” he says. “The Incubator program has given me the freedom to do what I do best, without having to worry about much in the way of brand building, ad sales, technical issues, or other other sources of friction inherent to being an independent content creator.”

“The experience we’re creating on Voice reflects the authentic lived experiences of the community members -- where their real voice is empowered and heard,” Zalatimo says. “Our creators, like Ann and Evan, have formed strong relationships with community members right off the bat. They are helping us create an environment that reflects ‘social as it should be.’”

Visit Voice.com/creators to learn more and request early access.


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