'Wash Post' Site Launches "How the World Sees America" Feature

By: E&P Staff Washingtonpost.com has announced that its PostGlobal section has launched a new feature focusing on what people in countries around the world see America.

Recent Harvard graduate Amar Bakshi is traveling around the world for the site, sending in dispatches several times each week in the form of text, photos and high-definition video, and getting perspeectives on how the United States is seen elswewhere.

"With 'How the World Sees America' we are promoting a new type of global commentary," said David Ignatius the moderator of PostGlobal, in a written statement. "By combining in-the-field reporting and emerging technology, PostGlobal can now share multimedia stories about people and places in the news. We can connect America and the world in a new way, and explore the reasons for America's growing unpopularity in many countries. Bakshi has the opportunity to get behind the rhetoric and interview real people for insight into how U.S. policy, events and culture affect the world."


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