WEDNESDAY'S LINKS: Calendar Editor Out at 'LAT,' Don't Trust Murdoch, Bill Gates and Dow Jones

By: E&P Staff In today's links, Barbara Ehrenreich comments on PasedenaNew's plan to outsource local reporting to India, Joe Conason speculates on what Rupert Murdoch would do with Dow Jones, and The New Republic points out in an editorial that the newspaper business may not be in such bad shape.


-- Variety: Chalk up Calendar editor Lennie LaGuire as one of those who is leaving the Los Angeles Times as part of a corporate cost-cutting move to eliminate 100-150 jobs at the paper.

-- New York Times: Reuters trustees say the sale to Thomson won't hurt the company's journalism.

-- New Republic: How can newspapers recover their mojo? For starters, they should stop sounding apocalyptic. Their business is in much less of a crisis than you might imagine.

-- New York Observer: What Rupert Murdoch usually guarantees, as he prepares to sack and burn an institution like Dow Jones, is editorial independence and freedom from political or commercial manipulation by him and his operatives.

-- Marketwatch: Rupert Murdoch and the Bancroft family have plenty to gain in making a deal. But what if it all falls apart, asks Jon Friedman.

-- PR Week: Maintaining a large paper's classic authority while simultaneously trying to shed light on the minutiae of its machinations may be impossible, writes Hamilton Nolan.

-- Huffington Post: will be honest enough to give its new reporters datelines in Delhi (or wherever they live), asks Barbara Ehrenreich.

-- Center for Citizen Media: Bill Gates could be the ideal buyer for Dow Jones.


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