Why focusing on audiences helps newsroom transformation succeed


Changing long-established workflows and processes is very hard, as many news publishers have discovered. In particular, broader organizational changes are difficult to implement, and too many companies have seen their transformation efforts stall or fall short of their initial goals.

This is why smaller, specific transformation projects are at the heart of Table Stakes Europe, a performance-driven change management initiative for local and regional news organizations, a WAN-IFRA program supported by the Google News Initiative.

Now in its fifth year, Table Stakes Europe has helped more than 80 publishers from 17 countries to build on specific initial transformation projects and accelerate their digital transition to engage their audiences in a deeper way.

We spoke to Alexandra Borchardt and Lyndsey Jones, two coaches in the Table Stakes Europe program, about different strategies that help transformation projects succeed. We discussed why it’s not enough for publishers to become “digital-first,” the reasons that cause many transformation projects to fail, and why internal communication is key to spreading cultural change within the organization.

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