With Movie Set to Open, Marianne Pearl on Her Husband's 'Legacy'

By: E&P Staff With the movie ?A Mighty Heart? to open Friday, the widow of Daniel Pearl, who wrote the book of that title, appeared with the film?s star Angelina Jolie on Charlie Rose?s PBS talk show last night.

Asked how she felt about one of the perpetrators of her husband?s execution getting the death penalty for the crime, she said she was against that punishment. ?My revenge is my everyday life,? she said, noting that she had never visited the film?s set because she too busy traveling the world as a journalist.

Jolie said: ?The message of the film is to rise above and not be blinded by fear?to try to have a dialogue and form bonds,? as shown in the movie. Referring to Marianne, she said ?the terrorists lost because they did not break her ?she is unafraid.?

Marianne Pearl said the strongest part of the movies is its final shot, which shows her walking with their son. ?That is the legacy,? she said. She was pregnant with him during her ordeal five years ago. Pearl said that he is very much like her late husband, even with the same sense of humor.

She said that the plot to kill her husband went well beyond the one man convicted: ?A lot of people knew what was going on.? She said she had not yet been back to Pakistan and might not: ?That would be very difficult emotionally for me.?


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