Rob Tornoe is an award-winning editorial cartoonist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR and, among others. He currently is a reporter and cartoonist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Since 2010 has been a caroonist and columinst/ contributor for Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P).

E&P Exclusives
What does it take to produce Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism? E&P spoke with three of this year's winning newsrooms about the origin stories for each series, the editorial and resource dilemmas they faced, and the challenges they overcame along the way.
Libraries hold a special place in the hearts of many, serving as cherished institutions that foster connections within communities. But over the past few years, U.S. libraries have become a battleground for political wrangling brought on by right-wing conservative activist groups seeking to change laws and restrict access to books or remove those they deem offensive from school and public libraries.
Data from Medill School of Journalism’s often-cited annual study, which examines the health of local news nationwide, explains the motivation for launching Press Forward last September. The initiative aims to rally major national foundations to reverse the trend of a shrinking news landscape.
For most journalists who don’t come from generational wealth starting out in their careers, taking up journalism as a career is a risky move, especially for underrepresented minorities like Niya Doyle. Who can survive on the $15–20 an hour a full-time internship might offer? Let alone perform free labor for publications that can't afford to pay writers anything at all? But without clips, you can't grow in the field or eventually write for larger publications, which means bigger earning potential.
Industry News
A little more than a year ago, Barry Diller rallied his fellow media titans to fight artificial intelligence’s march on the publishing business. The time had come, he said, to “absolutely …
Social media has been buzzing with examples of Google’s new, “experimental” artificial intelligence tool going awry. The feature, which writes an “AI overview” response …
Not long ago, streaming TV came with a promise: Sign up, and commercials will be a thing of the past. Netflix rose to streaming dominance in part by luring customers to an ad-free experience. …
Nearly two-and-a-half years after its launch, Truth Social is struggling to hang onto its small U.S. user base, according to new data on the microblogging platform launched by former President  …
The Washington Post  is creating new subscription tiers in an attempt to counter a $77 million loss and decline in digital readers over the last year.  
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