E&P launches 'Public Pulse' for public media executives


Editor & Publisher (E&P) Magazine is proud to announce the launch of its new free-to-access content vertical, "Public Pulse," dedicated to providing executive insights on public media. The online platform, available at EditorandPublisher.com/PublicMedia, aims to address the informational needs of public media executives navigating a rapidly evolving media landscape.

"We spent most of 2023 assessing the state of public media through editorial reporting and interviews with executives managing local public media operations across the U.S.," stated E&P's publisher, Mike Blinder. "We recognize that these key executives have been underserved in accessing essential information to continue building audience and revenue."

"Public Pulse" offers quick access to E&P's exclusive reporting on topics impacting the public media space, along with 24/7 updates on industry headlines curated from over 100 media sources. Additionally, online readers can explore relevant episodes of "E&P Reports," a weekly vodcast series featuring interviews with news media executives. One such episode, titled "A frank discussion about public media’s state of fundraising with industry expert Tom Davidson," provides valuable insights on accessing philanthropic funds. E&P will also be including a “Public Pulse” commentary each month in the legacy printed magazine.

Richard Homberg

"As Detroit PBS stations and local public media outlets across the country step up to embrace the powerful role we are developing in local journalism, E&P’s deepening commitment to covering our story is an important move," said Richard Homberg, president and CEO of Detroit PBS. "Having known and respected E&P for years, Detroit PBS is excited about what is ahead."

Tom Davidson

Tom Davidson of Davidson & Associates and adjunct lecturer at the University of Maryland, said: "Public media is one of the few bright spots in a tumultuous local-news landscape — but it still faces its challenges. I'm pleased to see E&P help share what's working to leaders across the industry."

"Local media is no longer a place where we can sit within our own legacy silos," remarked Blinder. "Our brand identity — whether newspaper, commercial broadcast, or public media affiliation — is just that, our brand identity, but not our final product. Today's local media executives must be multimedia-focused and informed to build a sustainable business model within their markets." Blinder emphasized E&P's mission with the "Public Pulse" vertical: "To ensure these leaders have free access to the information they need."

About Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P):

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