Meet "Mr. Puffers," the "Pom in Chief" of the Webster-Kirkwood (MO) Times


You've heard of an Editor-in-Chief, but this is the Pom-in-Chief, Mr. Puffers!

Mr. Puffers is a 1-year-old Pomeranian owned by Webster-Kirkwood Times Editor-in-Chief Jaime Mowers. He has literally grown up in the newsroom, and has become the official mascot of The Webster-Kirkwood Times since his arrival in August 2022.

Mr. Puffers likes to work hard and have fun. He's instrumental in many of the day-to-day duties here at the Times office — he's got his paws into everything from editing copy, selling ads, making sure the latest issue gets back from the press and that the papers get delivered to all of our readers!

But this Pom-in-Chief isn't all work and no play — he also likes to have a lot of fun with all of his coworkers here at the office and brings us lots of smiles!

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