"Opal Mayo" is the Head of Emotional Support Operations at the Sequoyah County (OK) Times


Opal Mayo is the Sequoyah County Times business office assistant and head of emotional support operations at our newspaper.

She greets customers and gives the best hugs, she regularly cleans employee desks (whether they like it or not).

She assists with emailing clients and organizes office supplies especially paper clips! She proofreads pages and letters and any other paperwork on desks, catches unwelcome intruders of the rodent family and is also the night watchman holding down the fort until we return in the morning.

Opal has a dedicated fan base and many visitors who stop in just to check on her and bring hugs and treats.

As one of our most valued employees she enjoys her pick of fluffy beds, pillows, desk drawers and kitty towers to relax on and keeps her many toys picked up and out of the way.

She spends her time off lounging in the front window watching the hustle and bustle of people and cars going up and down the downtown streets.

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