Do you know a news media company worth watching?

Help us share their story with the rest of the industry


Each spring,  E&P Magazine recognizes 10 news media operations that have proven they deserve recognition for doing the impossible through successfully innovating, implementing cost savings, generating significant increases in revenue or audience and more. We are asking your help in sharing those stories by nominating below, your entry today for the E&P 2024 "News Media's 10 to Watch.”

The April 2024 issue will profile E&P's "News Media's 10 to Watch." Never meant to be a “10 best” list, instead, this feature allows you to help us find special news operations that have performed a notable achievement over the past 12 months that the entire industry should know about.

The objective of "News Media's 10 to Watch” is to bring ideas together and share the best and the brightest in one comprehensive location. All ideas from all forms of news media — from all sizes of markets and operations are welcome!


Please help us uncover the industry’s innovations and ideas by nominating a media company today so that we can share their success this spring.

Nominations close midnight (ET) on Tuesday, February 29th.




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