Nominate your "News Pet," and we'll make 'em a star!


   Meet our latest E&P "News Pets"

Nome (AK) Nugget's

Louisiana L'Observateur's
News Cats
Missouri's Leader Pub's
Trib Total Media's

Ohio Journal-Leader's

We at E&P know that news publishing is not a game for the weak of heart. Each day requires a commitment to not only serving our communities, but also fueling those critical "top line" revenues that help us keep our business moving forward.

With all the stress we experience each day, we know that some of you have looked to hiring furry friends (or scaly, reptilian, or otherwise) to help create some calm at the workplace.

Now is the time to help us recognize these critical, necessary members of our workforce as part of the E&P News Pets Hall of Fame. 

Please nominate your News Pet within the form below along with an appropriate picture, so we can share it with the entire news publishing community.

All selected News Pets will receive a complimentary full-year subscription to the print version of “E&P Magazine.


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