Coloradans swarmed on solutions to widespread problems from a newspaper's press closure

It's a testament to the state's robust local media infrastructure, tight networking and a unique ethos of collaboration


Media advocates in Colorado swarmed into action this week to help several local newspapers continue publishing a physical edition after a large out-of-state company announced it would shut down the printing plant they currently use in Pueblo.

The papers, spanning from the Denver suburbs to rural southeastern Colorado, had been destabilized by shockwaves from an abrupt decision last week by newspaper owner Gannett. The nation’s largest newspaper chain, which had conglomerated with another newspaper giant in recent years with financing from private equity, stated it would close its printing operations at the Pueblo Chieftain.

The corporate cost-cutting measure taking affect Aug. 13 caught multiple non-Gannett local papers that use the press off guard, and set them scrambling.

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