Goss' EasySert Inserting Line Improves Postpress Process

By: Press Release | Ferag

Commissioning of a Goss Magnum 4 sent Agderposten Trykk AS in Arendal (Norway) careening into a postpress processing bottleneck. With the inserting process no longer able to keep pace with the high printing speeds, updating the inserting technology was seen as the No. 1 priority. However, preliminary work on the project revealed that a dead-end would be reached if only part of the mailroom system was replaced, and the remaining, outdated technology would severely restrict the performance of state-of-the-art inserting technology. Overall efficiency was a good reason for replacing the mailroom with a new system.

The choice was made in favour of an EasySert inserting line with MultiDisc periphery; RollStream gathering technology with two JetFeeder hoppers; two MultiStack stackers; and a PKT plate chain evacuation system. Technically, EasySert was the favourite. The customer was particularly impressed by the transport for the newspaper products without transfer points, and also the option to process low-pagination products. In the case of thin products, the JetFeeder hoppers on the RollStream precollecting line are subject to the same set of demands. The management team at Agderposten Trykk AS were aware that the hoppers would have a direct impact on the productivity of the system as a whole. Attention was thus turned to these key components, and their stability when running – especially with difficult insert products.


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