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Getting back to resourceful content to help sales and revenue

Newspapers need to better understand their readers’ lives and consumer behavior so they can get creative, custom and aggressive in delivering the resources readers need. Leading this charge is no easy feat. However, leveraging a strategy of resource and reliability provides a potential future for more advertiser-safe content.

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The Harvey World Herald is a neighborhood newspaper covering the community of Harvey, Illinois, south of Chicago. The publication was started in October 2021 by Amethyst J. Davis, a Harvey native. Right now, it's just her. She’s wearing all the hats and advertising has been a hard sell. But, she's determined to expand the publication and bring on more people.
The newspaper pros working in news publishing operations and logistics not only understand every department’s mechanics (beyond presses and equipment), they often contribute new thinking and concepts to help uncover profitability. Operations All-Stars — a joint project between E&P and the International Newspaper Group — recognizes three winners, plus three additional runners-up, as this year's top talent.
It's important for managers to take stock of what percentage of their time they spend leading versus doing. By leading, this means managerial tasks like project management and enabling your team to do the work. By doing, it means completing the vital functions that keep revenue flowing.
How reporters cover the first few hours and days of politically-charged events like the FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago is vital to properly informing local and national readers. The subjects will obviously be different. But as New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen suggests, reports should be mindful of the distinction between the properly political and the unduly politicized.
Newspapers are experimenting with text-to-audio software that allows readers to listen to stories and articles instead of reading them. Neighbor-to-Neighbor News is one such newspaper publisher. This group of newspapers focuses on hyperlocal coverage and has about 4,000 subscribers. Grant Hamilton, the publisher, says it’s a budget-friendly step to enter the audio space.
Abortion is not just a charged political issue. It is also a deeply personal issue, said an International Center for Journalists editor who offered tips for journalists on how to approach the topic. ICFJ Managing Editor Devin Windelspecht compiled a list of resources and tips for journalists with Jamaija Rhoades, associate editor for International Journalists’ Network, ICFJ’s website.
Capital Region Independent Media is taking fresh approaches to legacy models in ways that serve both residents and local businesses. The company is keeping community news in upstate New York and the Vermont Lakes Region with its print and digital products while expanding the resources it offers residents and local business owners. Many of the newspapers owned by Capital Region Independent Media have been serving their communities for more than 100 years.
The great and well-respected always have a more human story to tell than just the achievements that have earned them respect and even legendary status. Burl Osborne is one of these very human individuals who reached the pinnacle of the journalism profession despite a lifelong health issue. “Burl: Journalism Giant and Medical Trailblazer” is the latest biography from author Jane Wolfe. It is due out this month in hardcover.
As the publisher and CEO of Afro-American Newspapers, Dr. Frances “Toni” Draper is both a news innovator and a steward of a Baltimore-based family legacy spanning 130 years. Her great-grandfather, John Henry Murphy, started the newspaper 130 years ago with just $200 he borrowed from family members. Today, the Afro-American — or just “The AFRO” — focuses on local news for Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and the suburban-Maryland corridor in between.
The phrase “sustainable local news model” is one of the most talked-about topics these days. It’s top-of-mind for everyone in the industry and the lead topic in many funding conversations. To understand sustainability, let’s explore the basic concepts of a local news publishing model.
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“Hard Fork,” a new podcast from The New York Times, explores stories from the wild frontier of tech and the future that’s already here.
A set of INN Index Fact Sheets showcases three major models of nonprofit journalism, showing how the geographic scope of an outlet’s coverage affects total revenue, staff size and target audience.
Last Friday, after Hurricane Ian shifted south and devastated southwest Florida, David Jones and Meredith Michaels stayed on the air for 12 hours talking with callers, finding answers and crowdsourcing information.
The University of Chicago will honor Ed Yong, the Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist at The Atlantic, with the 2022 Benton Award for Distinguished Public Service.
This month, the Local Media Association spoke to leaders at five news organizations that serve Hispanic, Latinx and Spanish-speaking audiences to find out how they connect with their readers, what fuels their passion for journalism and how they stay competitive in the digital and print news market.
Herschel Walker, the GOP Senate nominee in Georgia, said Monday that he plans to sue a news website after it reported he paid a woman to have an abortion in 2009.
The tumultuous saga of Elon Musk’s on-again off-again purchase of Twitter took a turn toward a conclusion Tuesday after the mercurial Tesla CEO proposed to buy the company at the originally agreed-on price of $44 billion.
This is The Wall Street Journal's latest step to introduce the paper to younger and more diverse audiences.
Journalists pleading with regular people to republish their images of a natural disaster has become an almost daily ritual on social media, where local, national and global outlets search constantly for newsworthy images taken by regular people.
"Like other Trump lawsuits, this one lacks substance — more bluntly, it’s garbage — with its only utility being as a guide to this country’s wide-ranging First Amendment protections."
Journalists might consider reminding their audience about what’s required to register and vote in their state.
“Alaska Daily” premieres Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.
A study published in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly says many journalists have come to see editorial endorsements as a liability.
Guardian US has announced the expansion of its democracy coverage, a new multi-year series named "The Fight for Democracy," and the appointment of Guardian US reporter Sam Levine as senior democracy correspondent.
Former President Donald Trump on Monday sued CNN, seeking $475 million in damages, saying the network had defamed him in an effort to short-circuit any future political campaign.
Covering a monster of a hurricane with catastrophic winds and a life-threatening storm surge is challenging, stressful and scary for any journalist. Now imagine covering that story while worrying if that same storm is going to wipe out your home and endanger your family.
Fox Weather, the new weather news streaming service launched last year by the biggest player in cable news, notched its best performance in head-to-head competition with The Weather Channel during live coverage of Hurricane Ian last week
True to form, the supporting brief filed by the Onion’s lawyers Monday takes a satirical approach in its bid to get the nation’s top court to consider Novak’s petition.
Today, Column announced that the Maine Press Association has joined their Partner Program as the first New England member.
Industry Partner News
E&P’s publisher Mike Blinder will host a conversation with Imtiaz Patel, chief executive officer of The Banner and its parent company, The Venetoulis Institute for Local Journalism. Patel will share with our audience what it takes to launch a nonprofit news start-up from scratch and how the Banner is doing now — four months into its mission to become Baltimore’s "leading provider of news and lifestyle content.”
Publishers today are very focused on the long-term objective of digital transformation and are now confronted with a new challenge of declining audience levels.  How can you make digital progress if audiences are declining?  Are there ways to reverse the trends?  What are the key levers in the publisher toolkit to leverage data and grow audience?
Andrew Conte, founding director of the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University, has been receiving wide industry acclaim for his latest book “Death of the Daily News,” which tells the story of how residents in one Pennsylvania community have identified and sorted local news and information since their local newspaper stopped publishing after 131 years.
There is no question that many news publishers are now looking to increase top-line revenue by locking down sites and focusing on digital/print paid subscriptions. However, The Press of Atlantic City is doing quite the opposite by launching a FREE monthly mailed community newspaper.
On the morning of Oct. 13, Blinder will help kick off the #NewsMedia Business Summit with a motivational presentation that will offer some of the back-to-basic approaches he used at E&P to achieve its success.
Facts and data don’t lie. One company controls the infrastructure of digital advertising, everything from the ad server to ad exchanges to ad tools, the programs publishers use to sell ads, advertisers use to buy ads and the exchange where deals take place. That company — Google — works hand in hand with Facebook and holds a digital advertising monopoly squeezing the life from newspapers.
John Newby is no stranger to planning successful events for the news publishing industry, having hosted dozens of well-attended conferences as founder of the 360 Media Alliance. “Our mission has always been to provide a quality event at a reasonable price,” stated Newby. “This event is no different, as we have secured accommodation at the downtown Harrisburg Sheraton for only $129 per night. Couple that with a $299 registration fee which includes lunch, breaks and even a free cocktail reception, and you have truly a great buy!”
“Re-establishing your brand value as a content partner and provider in every generation takes a commitment to being dedicated to who you are as a news media organization,” says Richard E. Brown, a News/Media Alliance Rising Star recipient, former head of digital subscriber churn for Gannett | USA TODAY NETWORK and now the senior director of retention for The Daily Beast. “And, just as important, is your ability to constantly adapt and reinvent yourself as a valuable resource within your community.” Brown will be presenting a fast-paced, power-packed presentation “Boosting Your Brand’s Value” at the Oct. 12-14 Harrisburg NewsMedia Business Summit. He adds, “Possessing the commodity of information is only the beginning; how adept has your organization become at evolving with the mindset of your readers, helping them navigate through their day, and positioning yourself as a go-to content partner for the coming generation is the key to brand boosting success."
#NewsMedia Stocks of Interest
Leanne Abraham joins the Graphics department, drawing on a background in cartography, GIS and data visualization.
Mariya Abdulkaf will be joining the Video department as supervising audience editor.
Livia Albeck-Ripka, who has reported for The New York Times in various roles for several years, including a five-month temporary stint on Express this year, will be joining the newsroom permanently, reporting for the team from California.
Scott Dodd has been promoted to National’s director of news, in which he will oversee all live and breaking news coverage.
Independent, nonprofit news media organization Carolina Public Press today announced the appointment of Kara Andrade as the editor in chief to oversee the publication's news operations.
A leader in public radio and local news, LaFontaine Oliver brings over 20 years of experience in both regional and national markets to NYPR.
Wesley Lowery, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, best-selling author, podcast host and on-air correspondent, has added another line to his impressive resume: journalist in residence at the Newmark J-School.
Camila DeChalus is joining The Washington Post as a congressional reporter with a mission of engaging the next generation of Post readers and subscribers.
In Seoul, Kelsey Ables will be part of a rapidly expanding team that covers the most urgent and interesting stories that break anywhere in the world during the Asia day.
Industry Obits
Henry Fuhrmann, a retired Los Angeles Times assistant managing editor, died Sept. 14 at age 65.
John C. "Jack" Thomas spent more than 50 years as reporter, editor, columnist, TV critic and ombudsman with The Boston Globe, though he preferred the title, writer. It is long form journalism that mattered most to him.
He covered four presidencies in a 52-year career and never worried about “offending those in power in pursuit of answers,” one former White House press secretary said.
John Zappe, an award-winning journalist who was twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and later helped Knight-Ridder, Belo Interactive and the Los Angeles Newspaper Group develop leading online media sites, died Wednesday, Sept. 28. He was 70 years old.
Norman Causey, long time Federal News Network host and columnist who went by Mike, and a fixture in the Washington, D.C. news scene for more than half a century, died Monday, Sept. 26. He was 82 years old.
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