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Editor & Publisher (E&P) spoke with the Medill School’s Director of Marketing, Communications and Special Events Sara Brazeal about new programs designed to support journalists as they embark on their careers or help news publishers build new sustainable business models.
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Union membership in the United States has been in steady decline for years, largely reflecting the decline in manufacturing and other trade jobs. However, while news organizations continue their decades-long struggle to survive, union organizing efforts among their employees have been on the rise.
Despite so many tumultuous years and scrutiny, the great thing about news media is that it’s still relatively predictable, especially regarding sales planning and forecasting. Here are are a few suggestions for kickstarting your year.
As crazy as it seems, we’re only a couple of months away from entering the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, and newsrooms across the country remain in flux amid the threat of variants and breakthrough cases. And hybrid models involving a mix of remote and office work appears to be the new reality for today's news publishers. A recent survey states only 9% of news organizations plan to force all their employees to return to the office as they did pre-pandemic.
Will Sutton is a columnist and editorial writer for the New Orleans Times-Picayune & The Advocate, a Harvard University Nieman Fellow and a member of the NABJ, AEJMC, ONA and SPJ. In 2020 Mr. Sutton penned this OpEd for E&P.
Recently Twitter updated its privacy policy and rules of conduct surrounding “private media.” Critics say that the language used is so vague that it’s impossible to see how policing it could be anything but subjective. And forewarned that it is vulnerable to abuse.
It’s been a tough year for media and journalism — from a rise in layoffs and increasing scrutiny around misinformation to trust in media still recovering from an all-time low. So as the media and journalism industry continue the struggle for trust and influence, here are Chris Waiting's top five predictions for 2022. 
Welcome to our new feature: “The J-School Beat” featuring journalism students across the country and their ideas about the future of journalism, the industry and their hopes of making an impact in our world. To start this column, E&P asked Reanne White, a junior at the University of South Florida, to give us her answers to a couple of those questions.
Even as the world of commerce changes, sales remains one of the solid pillars for every size and type of business. In his new book, “Selling with a Servant Heart: Ten Lessons on the Path to Joy and Increased Income,” Jim Doyle helps salespeople and sales managers evolve from a “peddler to a partner.”
Newspapers of various sizes across the country have discovered a proactive program of organizing and hosting events and sponsorships. As a result, they’ve increased revenues, created opportunities for local businesses to engage with organizations and the public differently and strengthened the perception of newspapers as the leading supporter and voice of their communities.
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AP spokesperson Lauren Easton told the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker that “The Associated Press stands by its reporting,” and referred the Tracker to an AP article on Tennessee’s Black lawmakers' efforts to “raise awareness about structural racism.”
On Tuesday, States Newsroom, the nation’s leading network of state-based nonprofit news outlets, announced the launch of the Nebraska Examiner to provide free, high-quality, non-partisan reporting on the crucial issues affecting the Cornhusker State. With the creation of the organization’s 26th outlet, States Newsroom now provides state news coverage to over half the nation.
It's been more than three years since Amazon officially displaced Microsoft from digital media's "Big 3," joining Google and Facebook as the world's largest digital ad sellers, but analysts aren't counting Microsoft's ad dominance out.
It is more or less a formality, but the Biden administration says it is withdrawing its attempt to have the Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforce a vaccine mandate or testing requirement for businesses with 100 or more employees.
Psychologist Paul Slovic, who is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the president of Decision Research, a collection of scientists who study the human psyche, says: “Don’t just throw numbers at people. That’s the worst way to go about it.”
The study is the largest of its kind to focus on men, women and gender non-conforming media professionals in 20 countries throughout Africa, Southeast Asia, Eurasia (Russia), the Arab Region and select countries in Central America.
Reader feedback will be part of the new elections portal that launched this week.
The Associated Press will create a new reporting network aimed at deepening the news cooperative’s U.S. education coverage and strengthening education reporting across the news industry.
This privately owned, locally produced, newspaper began publication on Jan. 24. It is updated daily online, and soon will be available in a weekly print edition, as well as on additional digital platforms.
Darren Moore will oversee all CMG Ohio operations including news, programming, sales, digital, engineering, production and community affairs for WHIO-TV, 95.3 and 101.1 The Eagle, 1290 and 95.7 WHIO and K99.1 New Country.
Coleen O’Lear will work closely with leaders across the newsroom, product and engineering to develop and implement strategies for curation, packaging and distribution.
This is a new leadership role at the paper — charged with planning and directing the presentation of The Washington Post's coverage of primary and general elections across all platforms.
The Washington Post has announced a new leadership team for its National staff.
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Stacker, a data-driven newswire, is welcoming six new team members this month, representing 25% growth across the organization.
Thought leaderships will illuminate the power of AI during upcoming webinar.
Humans have told stories through pictures for millennia. The long tradition of sequential art brought us the comic strip in the late 1800s, and William Randolph Hearst founded King Features Syndicate shortly after that. Today, King Features’ classic comics are treasured by millions, while King works to develop new products, services, and voices for the 21st century.
Column announces CherryRoad Media as the latest publishing partner to rollout Column's enterprise public notice solution. CherryRoad is one of the fastest-growing publishing groups in the country, following a string of acquisitions in markets across eight states.
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