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In 1913, Victoriano Manteiga came to the United States from Cuba and went to work as a “lector,” reading the news of the day to the immigrant workers of the Morgan Cigar Factory in Ybor City, a National Historic Landmark District in Tampa. In 1922 he founded a newspaper for those workers that is now celebrating 100-years of service. Today Victoriano’s grandson Patrick Manteiga is “at the helm" of La Gaceta, the nation’s only trilingual newspaper still informing, influencing, and thriving as it publishes weekly in English, Spanish and Italian.
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In newsrooms across the country, editors bear heavy responsibilities — leading the newsroom, determining what stories should be told and who is best positioned to tell them, challenging assertions, developing talent, elevating journalism — all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to the public’s interest. Their names may not always be as familiar as bylined reporters or celebrated columnists, but their insight, experience and leadership are indispensable. We hope you enjoy meeting this exemplary group of E&P’s 2022 Editors Extraordinaire.
Advertising, events, sponsorships, newsletters and paywalls are critical revenue streams for news media. Although not entirely new, philanthropy as a revenue stream is quickly becoming a welcomed funding source for both nonprofit and for-profit news operations.
The nonprofit Baltimore Banner is taking shape and preparing to launch soon. Its website will come first this summer, followed by the mobile app about three months later. The launch date hasn't been announced yet, but the pricing model for a Banner subscription will be comparable to The Baltimore Sun. And it will draw revenues from three sources: philanthropy, subscriptions and limited advertising.
Ben August is a serial entrepreneur whose experiences led him to take on the mantle of labor injustice and buy The Chief, a weekly newspaper serving as “A Voice for Workers.” He launched a redesign of the New York City-based publication about six months into his role as its owner and publisher.
The Post is making a significant investment in telling the story of America in this precarious moment when democracy itself seems under assault. The Democracy Team will utilize state-based reporters to collaborate with national journalists to cover elections, voting rights and other facets of American democracy
Propaganda abounds, and now it’s easier than ever to create and digitally distribute propaganda, like deep-fake videos — or “deepfakes,” as they’re sometimes called. E&P reached out to Facebook and Twitter to learn how big of a problem deepfakes are on their platforms and what they’re doing to detect them and squash them when they’re used as propaganda, disinformation or to harass.
When Luanne Rife, a longtime journalist with The Roanoke Times, left the paper in early 2021, a nonprofit interested in supporting quality journalism approached to ask her opinion about the viability of an online-only news outlet. This led to a $100,000 grant. The grant and a matching amount were the seed money to develop The Cardinal News, which launched in September 2021.
Attacks on media companies are escalating. It’s hard to pinpoint whether cybercriminals strategically target media companies or whether the criminal net is just so widespread that it ensnares news outlets almost incidentally. But news businesses around the world have found themselves on the receiving end of hacks, breaches and ransomware demands, perhaps the most insidious of them all.
One-time Pulitzer Prize finalist David Fitzsimmons has been drawing six cartoons a week about his sun-soaked corner of the country for the Arizona Daily Star since 1986. Avoiding the fate of many of his contemporaries, Fitzsimmons has managed to remain a vital part of his newspaper and the community for the past 35 years and only recently decided at the age of 66 to begin to slow things down and go part-time.
Gen Z is connected, digitally savvy and concerned about social and policy issues, but what does this generation desire or demand from a news provider? What steers them to a news source? What inspires them to pay for news content? What does it take to earn their trust?
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The Pulitzer Board awarded a special citation to the journalists of Ukraine for their courage, endurance and commitment to truthful reporting during Vladimir Putin’s ruthless invasion of their country and his propaganda war in Russia. Despite bombardment, abductions, occupation, and even deaths in their ranks, they have persisted in their effort to provide an accurate picture of a terrible reality, doing honor to Ukraine and to journalists around the world.
Having stumbled with his social network, Donald Trump now has aspirations to create a right-wing rival to Netflix.
Elon Musk said he wanted to confirm Twitter’s findings that spam and fake accounts make up less than 5 percent of its users.
An internal memo shared with employees said the platform’s general manager and general manager for revenue would be departing.
BLCK Press, an independent news organization headed by Georgia Fort, is expanding its footprint to create a newsroom of multimedia storytellers dedicated to changing the racial narrative in Minnesota.
Audience Development Media Alliance, a longstanding news media trade organization with members at media companies nationwide, is pleased to announce a merger with the Mid Atlantic Circulation Managers Association.  ADMA, formerly GWAA, announced its national expansion in March. 
"High-profile disinformation spreaders and other bad actors are continuing to use social media platforms to disseminate messages that undermine trust in elections," read a letter to social media executives and signed by more than 100 groups.
The Palestinian Authority said it would not let Israeli officials examine the bullet that killed Shireen Abu Akleh. Israel said that is the only way to determine who fired it.
Today, about 18% of all New York Times news articles (and 20% of those appearing in print) are multi-bylined.
Deep reporting along with strong conclusions are the winning ticket.
A magazine writer reflects on the translators who have faithfully conveyed her questions over the years.
Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby praised The New York Times on Tuesday for winning the Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting for its series on U.S. airstrikes causing civilian casualties.
White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the hardest part of the job has not been the daily sparring with reporters but enduring threats against her and her family.
The court did not evaluate the law on its constitutionality but will allow it to go back into effect while a legal case plays out. Texas lawmakers passed the law, saying social media platforms have an anti-conservative bias.
Roy Peter Clark breaks down his top picks in the writing categories — and explains what makes them so great.
The Washington Post has launched an open-source design system, making the fundamental code that powers The Post and its features available publicly for the first time.
The lawsuit, which took aim at NPR and CNN for reporting on Henry's firing from Fox over sexual misconduct allegations, was voluntarily dismissed “with prejudice.”
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The Argus-Press in Owosso, Michigan, replaced its local workflow with the cloud-based ProImage NewsWayX production workflow to enjoy the cloud-based solution's speed and flexibility.
Families often lived in multiple places, posing an challenge when placing obituaries. So AdPortal Obituaries from iPublish Media Solutions now allows funeral homes and soon private parties to publish an obituary to any additional newspaper in the Memoriams network, including 3300 plus newspapers, without double entry.
Doorfront Direct, the nation’s largest magazine and catalog delivery network, announced this week that Lee Enterprises, the leading provider of news and information in 77 U.S. markets, has launched weekly magazine delivery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with plans for other markets under way.
Help us recognize the heart and soul of our industry, the leaders who help us produce quality products each day while keeping an eye on our bottom lines! Nominate a colleague today so we can salute them and share their ideas to the global news publishing industry, in our 2022 class of "Operations All-Stars!" Don't wait because we'll be featuring "All-Stars" each month!
Formed 40 years ago, the PAGE Cooperative has served generations of newspaper leadership and is noting a rising interest in new membership. PAGE bands members together with a common objective of controlling costs but with additional benefits of best practices, advisory and intervention during shortages.
Stacker’s newsroom tackles data-rich topics to produce and distribute stories to their news network, built on a partnership model similar to how local news organizations work with AP and Reuters for wire content. They invest dozens of hours in data projects so that they can be shared as stories and data assets for journalists and Stacker partners, allowing newsrooms of all sizes to tap into data reporting for their area.
Do you work with an editor who has sage insight into journalism, who makes the storytelling better, who's an aspirational mentor, who stands tall against adversity, who's committed to the quest for truth and accuracy and exemplifies outstanding leadership? Tell us! Nominate an editor today that deserves to be profiled as an "Editor Extraordinaire" in our May issue.
Robert W. Decherd will move into an executive chairman role until his retirement to the board next year.
The Dart Center has announced the recipients of the 2022 Ochberg Fellowship, a program that deepens journalists' reporting of violence, conflict and tragedy. This year’s Fellows include outstanding senior and mid-career journalists in all media, representing six continents.
Jelani Cobb has been named dean of Columbia Journalism School, as of August 1, 2022. Professor Cobb is the Ira A. Lipman Professor of Journalism and Director of the Ira A. Lipman Center for Journalism and Civil and Human Rights.
Jessica Parker Gilbert is joining The Washington Post as head of product. In this role, she will lead the Product and Product Design teams working on the entire suite of Washington Post branded products, including the website, apps and tools for journalists and marketers.
Hope Corrigan is joining the newsroom as an editorial initiatives manager. She will work on new ways to proactively package, communicate and promote the newsroom’s most innovative, creative and ambitious coverage alongside its advertising, marketing and subscriptions teams.
A veteran Des Moines Register editor, Gage Church, has been named editor of the Ames Tribune.
Adam Sternbergh has joined the team as a deputy editor.
Camilla Velasquez joins The New York Times as senior vice president and general manager for NYT Cooking.
Jonathan Wolfe will be expanding his role to work across the newsletter portfolio, helping writers and editors to engage in conversations with readers, build community and include their stories in The New York Times' journalism.
James Dao has been named the editorial page editor of The Boston Globe. He will lead the Globe's Opinion team, one of the highest profile positions at New England's largest media company.
Industry Obits
Dustin Barnes, a Mississippi-raised journalist who became a USA TODAY trending editor known for his professional acumen and irrepressible joy, was found dead Wednesday, May 11, at his home in Nashville, Tennessee. He was 38.
Veteran Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot and killed while covering an Israeli military raid in the occupied West Bank town of Jenin early Wednesday.
As of April 4, 18 journalists had been killed in Ukraine since Russia invaded, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy.
Veteran newspaper executive Jim Wilson, who served as the publisher of Waco Tribune-Herald from 2012 until his retirement in 2020, died April 15 after a battle with cancer. He was 68.
Jack Ronald, the former editor and publisher of The Commercial Review in Portland, Indiana, and a member of the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame, has died at age 73.
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