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Engaging the next generation: Mike Beaudet’s vision for Gen Z news consumption

As a follow-up to this month's E&P cover story, Mike Beaudet, an investigative reporter for WCVB-TV in Boston and a journalism professor at Northeastern University, shares his vision for adapting local news to resonate with Gen Z through his pioneering Reinventing Local News Project, designed to help repackage traditional broadcast content to meet the digital consumption habits of younger audiences.

The Invisible Institute: Balancing accolades and innovation

Trina Reynolds-Tyler, the data director at the Invisible Institute, along with her colleagues and reporting partners, has been on the run ever since the Chicago-based nonprofit newsroom made headlines by winning two Pulitzer Prizes and a Peabody award in early May. It’s been a whirlwind of collecting awards, doing press interviews and speaking at conferences to talk about their unique and deeply community-centric reporting process.

Concerned about your news organization’s plummeting search traffic?

In recent months, the amount of organic search traffic Google has been sending to publishers has fallen off a cliff. Newsrooms nationwide — from Boston to Seattle, from the Jersey Shore to Southern California — have watched their formerly reliable search traffic numbers and page rankings plummet. The big question is — why? Well, it’s complicated.

Local TV news takes Gen Z beyond broadcast

Mike Beaudet has spent his news career in TV stations and the classroom. Currently, he’s an investigative journalist for WCVB, the ABC affiliate in Boston. He's also a professor of practice in video innovation at Northeastern University, where he has led a multi-phase study of TV news audiences — especially Gen Z viewers — and the content that captures their attention. It’s called The Reinventing Local TV News Project and is providing insight into what resonates with younger news audiences and ponders how to create a talent pipeline for TV newsrooms.
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U.K. right-wing firebrand Nigel Farage on Sunday blamed a “liberal narrative” from political opponents for the shocking assassination attempt that left former U.S. President Donald Trump …

Moments after Donald Trump was rushed to safety following a failed assassination attempt at a Saturday night rally, some of his supporters turned toward the press pen with obscenities as …
The suspected attempted assassination of Donald Trump during a Republican campaign rally on Saturday in Pennsylvania immediately made headlines across the US and internationally. In the US …
Law enforcement officials quickly launched an investigation into the Saturday night shooting of Donald Trump as an assassination attempt, offering few details. That did not stop a torrent of …
Media organizations across the political spectrum have pointed to Vice President Kamala Harris as a potential replacement — although a risky one. How they have made that argument, though, has varied.
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Local journalism faces uphill battle: Insights from Howard Homonoff

In a recent interview with Howard Homonoff, senior national advisor for the media and entertainment industry at Grant Thornton LLP and a weekly columnist for Forbes Magazine, E&P delved into the current state of local journalism. The conversation was sparked by Homonoff’s recent Forbes article titled “Presidential Debate In Focus But Local Journalism Battles For Its Life,” highlighting the severe challenges local journalism faced, including a long-term decline in newsroom employment and the emergence of “news desert” communities.

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The Reuters Institute Digital News Report is perhaps the most highly anticipated annual study of news publishing and audience trends. It’s a deeply researched look at current challenges and dilemmas news media publishers face around the world — and the public’s opinions about them. The study is supported by a long list of international sponsors, including the Google News Initiative.
Faculty members at the University of New Hampshire have voted to eliminate the current English/journalism major following a decline in enrollment. A school administrator said the major could be eliminated as early as the 2025-2026 academic year following a review by the school's provost office and board of trustees.
The DEI movement continues to face many challenges, including deep-seated fears, prejudices and unwarranted barriers. The LGBTQ+ community has experienced significant progress but remains diligent and proactive. Increasing positive coverage in news and media and more LGBTQ+ journalists in many newsrooms have been central to that effort.
The swirling questions about President Biden’s age and mental fitness for office have captured Americans’ attention. More than 23 million people — a bigger audience than this …
  Amid all the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth about the incredible shrinking American news industry, we stumbled on a seemingly hopeful sign when charting arts-related …
Meta on Friday said it would soon roll back restrictions it placed on former President Donald Trump's Instagram and Facebook accounts.
Starting the week of July 15, the Anchorage Daily News will shift from publishing its print newspaper six days a week to two days a week. The move will enable the ADN, which has the largest digital news audience in Alaska, to focus on digital efforts and be sustainable into the future, leaders of the organization said.
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Maranatha Broadcasting Company Inc. (MBC), owners of WFMZ-TV Allentown and WDPN-TV Philadelphia, and The Media Audit  have announced a multi-year partnership designed to enhance media and marketing research in the Allentown and Philadelphia markets.

ProImage has announced the release of NewsWayX automated workflow — available in the cloud or installed locally. NewsWayX offers a comprehensive solution for Page and Plate Tracking, Ripping, Imposition and Output management.
liffe Media Group is an independent and innovative multimedia business with an extensive portfolio of newspapers, websites, magazines, radio, and television. With a history spanning over three centuries, Iliffe Media Group’s news brands continue to be trusted and influential within their communities. The group boasts a combined 1.5 million social media followers and an online audience of millions, serving more than 650,000 newspaper readers and attracting 6,000,000 website visitors across 37 titles.
The Las Vegas (Nevada) Review-Journal has committed to a very large Goss Newsliner Press Drive upgrade project with imPRESSions Worldwide, Inc. from Burlington, Washington, in conjunction with  DCOS from Sweden, following a large wave of printers making similar decisions as of late.
The Jacobs Family has sold its J-Ad Graphics publishing business to JAMS Media, LLC and its View Newspaper Group of Lapeer, Michigan, according to Joe Bella, independent broker with BVC LLC. Bella represented the Jacobs family in the transaction.
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