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Producing a step-by-step guide to FOIA

You may know him by his social handle, @FOIANate. FOIA — the Freedom of Information Act — is Nate Jones’ business. Jones is the FOIA director at The Washington Post and ideally suited to the role. He’s a historian, journalist and lawyer — all disciplines that inform his work.

The Pivot Fund: Expanding to explore community-driven journalism in the Midwest

An ambitious research project by The Pivot Fund is focused on the Great Lake states. The project aims to better understand the news landscape in the region and help identify news and information sources that have specifically earned the trust of communities of color. Pivot began its Midwest survey in Minnesota in early 2024, and it should be completed this month. The project also includes news ecosystem studies in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Scripps News tackles disinformation with new dedicated desk

Scripps News has launched the disinformation desk, which is focused on exposing disinformation and how it spreads — not just in politics but also in news. Liz Landers, former chief political correspondent for Vice News, is the network's lead disinformation correspondent and spoke to Editor & Publisher about the role and the team’s mission.

Beyond print and digital: XR’s potential for local media

If we were to tell you that more people have VR headsets in the U.S. than those who subscribe to a newspaper — print and digital subscriptions combined — would you consider it a viable new frontier? The reality is extended reality (XR) — the catch-all term encompassing virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality — has slowly grown under the radar. 

Digital ad growth slows as audience revenue gains importance, Borrell reports

Whether local media was asleep at the wheel, too small to compete with the digital giants or thought their kingdoms were unassailable, the share of obtainable local ad dollars available continues to dwindle. Nonetheless, there are some strategies we can initiate today, to regain some of that revenue.

The Invisible Institute: Balancing accolades and innovation

Trina Reynolds-Tyler, the data director at the Invisible Institute, along with her colleagues and reporting partners, has been on the run ever since the Chicago-based nonprofit newsroom made headlines by winning two Pulitzer Prizes and a Peabody award in early May. It’s been a whirlwind of collecting awards, doing press interviews and speaking at conferences to talk about their unique and deeply community-centric reporting process.
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Warner Bros. Discovery has notified the NBA that it will pay roughly $1.8 billion per year to match an offer from Amazon to carry a package of the league’s games, setting up a last-second buzzer-beating attempt by TNT’s parent company to retain the broadcast rights to the games.

To effectively fact-check, we must understand how our efforts contribute to the overall quality of the election itself. How can our work actually lead to “a good election”?
A defamation suit against Fox News by a government official who served on a short-lived U.S. government media disinformation board was dismissed Monday by a federal judge.
The Leland Progress in Washington County, owned by Stephanie Patton, will cease publication after its July 31 issue due to financial and time-management concerns.
In a decision that shocked the ad world, Google said Monday it no longer planned to phase out third-party tracking cookies from its Chrome web browser. It will instead introduce a new prompt for users to choose how they want to be tracked across Google's search products.
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Navigating the challenges of USPS print delivery

In this episode, E&P spoke with two prominent figures in the newspaper industry: Matt Paxton, publisher of The News-Gazette in Lexington, Virginia, and past president of the National Newspaper Association (NNA), and Brad Hill, CEO of Interlink and an NNA representative on the USPS Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee. They explore the ongoing relevance of print media, the intricacies of postal delivery and the NNA’s advocacy efforts to help community publishers address today's news publishing challenges.

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In recent months, the amount of organic search traffic Google has been sending to publishers has fallen off a cliff. Newsrooms nationwide — from Boston to Seattle, from the Jersey Shore to Southern California — have watched their formerly reliable search traffic numbers and page rankings plummet. The big question is — why? Well, it’s complicated.
Mike Beaudet has spent his news career in TV stations and the classroom. Currently, he’s an investigative journalist for WCVB, the ABC affiliate in Boston. He's also a professor of practice in video innovation at Northeastern University, where he has led a multi-phase study of TV news audiences — especially Gen Z viewers — and the content that captures their attention. It’s called The Reinventing Local TV News Project and is providing insight into what resonates with younger news audiences and ponders how to create a talent pipeline for TV newsrooms.
The Reuters Institute Digital News Report is perhaps the most highly anticipated annual study of news publishing and audience trends. It’s a deeply researched look at current challenges and dilemmas news media publishers face around the world — and the public’s opinions about them. The study is supported by a long list of international sponsors, including the Google News Initiative.
The News/Media Alliance commends the U.S. Copyright Office for adopting the rule on group registration of updates to news websites. The rule, originally proposed in January, allows publishers to submit copies of their homepages as identifying material to evaluate for registration on a monthly basis. Previously, publishers lacked a feasible way to protect their online properties as registration would have required the submission of complete copies of publisher websites for each day.
Semafor will launch in the Middle East this September, marking a major milestone in its global expansion strategy, following its success in the U.S. and sub-Saharan Africa.
Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) members at Pineapple Street Studios, owned by Audacy, overwhelmingly ratified their first collective bargaining agreement.
New research from the Data Provenance Initiative has found a dramatic drop in content made available to the collections used to build artificial intelligence.
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Maranatha Broadcasting Company Inc. (MBC), owners of WFMZ-TV Allentown and WDPN-TV Philadelphia, and The Media Audit  have announced a multi-year partnership designed to enhance media and marketing research in the Allentown and Philadelphia markets.

ProImage has announced the release of NewsWayX automated workflow — available in the cloud or installed locally. NewsWayX offers a comprehensive solution for Page and Plate Tracking, Ripping, Imposition and Output management.
Explore how Iliffe Media Group uses AI to drive immediate new revenues with "Smart Ads." By offering an affordable, combined print and digital ad package, they turned a significant portion of their small print advertisers into digital clients. This efficient and cost-effective solution generated over 100 new ads per week within 20 days, creating a substantial six- to seven-digit pound revenue opportunity without adding operation overhead to their team. Learn how they bridged the digital gap for small print advertisers (and local sales teams), creating a win-win for both the publisher and advertisers. Don't miss this insightful case study.
The Las Vegas (Nevada) Review-Journal has committed to a very large Goss Newsliner Press Drive upgrade project with imPRESSions Worldwide, Inc. from Burlington, Washington, in conjunction with  DCOS from Sweden, following a large wave of printers making similar decisions as of late.
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Hyperlocal news publisher and creator of Broadstreet Kenny Katzgrau teamed up with Montclair Local's Annette Batson to deliver a highly polished and tactical webinar on achieving same-day closes with digital advertisers.

Watch this "E&P Reports" Sponsored Webinar revealing how these three news publishers are taking advantage of the new, growing, impactful media of digital signage, to reach new readers and drive new revenue.
In this fast paced, E&P Sponsored Webinar learn how European media companies are generating over a hundred thousand dollars each in new, turn-key, SMB ad revenue, using an AI tool that instantly develops complete marketing campaigns for local advertisers.
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