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The Dart Center Style Guide for Trauma-Informed Journalism is intended to be "an educational tool for all journalists to increase their knowledge and interest in this topic as well as improving their skills and boosting their professional integrity,” says Executive Director Bruce Shapiro.
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Judi Terzotis announced as E&P’s 2021 'Publisher of the Year'

Judi Terzotis, president and publisher of The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana), NOLA.com and The Advocate in Baton Rouge, was announced today as "E&P's 2021 Publisher of the Year," at the America's Newspapers Senior Leadership Conference in Colorado Springs. The announcement was made by E&P’s Associate Publisher, Robin Blinder, where the audience was treated to a video, showing how E&P notified and surprised Judi, via ZOOM.

Censorship by PIO

Ask any journalist what makes their blood pressure go up on deadline. It is being routed to a public affairs office without getting the interview, missing a deadline, or just getting a pre-screened department-organized message. Lately, the public — and even local reporters who have not covered a Washington, D.C. beat — are unaware of how restricted access has become at the federal level.

Trust in news

America is often described as a country constantly reinventing itself. If this is correct, then loud and often violent discourse is the forge of that reinvention. Journalists of all stripes and persuasions report on the issues feeding the forge's fire but do so according to a set of journalistic core values.

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DPI provides media organizations with a bespoke service that improves recruitment, retention and advancement of employees from diverse backgrounds, with a goal of increasing profitability, employee satisfaction and audience growth.
To better understand the current and future state of the news and publishing industry and the various factors that undermine the sustainability of local journalism, PressReader is conducting a survey in partnership with a Princeton University sociologist.
The publication of the letter, citing baseless and debunked claims, was criticized for pushing the traditional boundaries of a letters-to-the-editor page.
NewsMatch 2021 will support newsrooms delivering vital pandemic information, investigating abuses of power and strengthening communities across America.
People or organizations who instigate Slapps are often powerful and well funded, while defendants tend to be people and organizations with significantly less resources and influence. This is especially concerning when you consider that many independent journalists who bring attention to complex issues or scandals do not have the financial and legal support of a major media company behind them.
Diversity doesn’t look the same from community to community. Op-eds can help, because they can be powerful expressions of thought leadership that amplify fresh voices and reach new audiences, according to a panel of op-ed newsroom leaders.  
Animation adds new opportunities for engaging different audiences, and that could help your bottom line.
Data works best when it helps journalists grow, not when it acts as a leaderboard in your newsroom.
You don’t have to be a programmer or data analyst to utilize digital tools and techniques to enhance your coverage.
Katy Burnell Evans is joining The Washington Post from The Times-Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia), where she was news editor and creative team leader, directing the metro coverage and reimagining beats for the future.
Gabe Hiatt will be returning to The Washington Post as deputy editor of By The Way. His first day will be Nov. 1.
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