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Unveiling the secrets of local media sales mastery: Insights from Jeffrey Sleete.

In this wide-ranging interview with Jeffrey Sleete, a seasoned media sales consultant with a rich radio and TV advertising sales background, we delved into his approach to media sales and the principles that have guided his successful career. Sleete, who now writes a column for E&P Magazine, shared his ideas on various aspects of how to successfully engage small businesses in today’s challenging local media ecosystem.

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Layoffs in public broadcasting: Addressing the triple threat of declining audiences, podcast glut and underwriting challenges

Hardly a week has passed this year without a layoff announcement from one public broadcaster or another: 20 positions eliminated last September at WNYC, 16 in February at WAMU, 34 in April at WNET, eight at KUOW in May — plus a round of buyouts (potentially followed by layoffs) at KQED and LAist. Nearly 150 jobs have been lost at local stations since last fall, and that's on top of the 100 positions NPR eliminated in the spring of 2023.

Meet TikTok's 'Print Princess': Kelsey Russell

Kelsey Russell engages more than 89,300 fans on TikTok, where she evangelizes print newspapers and media literacy. She summarizes news articles for her audience, adding her (often humorous) take on the topic. She traces her affinity for news back to her childhood in Atlanta. At home, the news was part of daily life.     
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Borealis Philanthropy’s bold plan: Investing billions to support BIPOC journalism

E&P got an early preview of the study Alicia Bell launched as part of her work as the director of the Racial Equity in Journalism (REJ) Fund at Borealis Philanthropy. Titled “Repair, Reimagine, and Rebuild: Modeling the Future of News For and By Black, Brown, and Indigenous Communities,” the report proposes it will take somewhere between $380 million to $7.1 billion annually to truly fund BIPOC journalism across the U.S.

Meet E&P's "15 Over 50" class of 2024

In the last three years, we have announced our “15 Over 50” salute. However, again this year, the nominees have been so deserving that we expanded the group to include more in our salute — while retaining the “15 Over 50” moniker. The 22 news media professionals you’ll meet here are hopeful about the future and proud to be part of guiding the next generation forward. We know their passion for this industry will shine through their profiles.  

Empowering "heroes:" A storytelling approach to media sponsorship sales

In the fast-paced world of news media sales, traditional tactics can feel like a tired script. However, what if there’s a more powerful approach? E&P columnist Richard E. Brown delves into a topic that's been on his mind lately: his approach to selling sponsorships in the news media industry — an approach that frames the news organization as the “hero” in a hero's journey tackling community issues.
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The publisher and the incoming editor of The Washington Post, when they worked as journalists in London two decades ago, used fraudulently obtained phone and company records in newspaper articles, …

In an ordinary industrial building off a busy Orange County street, a Seussian contraption, nearly 100 feet long, clattered to life. The room filled with the hum and squeaks of belts and machinery. …
No one enters the field of journalism expecting to make a fortune. Like many artistic endeavors, it's a calling — and the craft of reporting is absolutely an art. Actors have to learn how to listen, directors have to understand perspective and musicians have to nail down a hook. Reporters have to excel in all of these areas. And so on the 20th anniversary of perhaps the greatest film about journalism ever made, Michael Mann's "The Insider," let's take a stroll through the past and celebrate the best films about an underappreciated yet vital profession.
The Hollywood Reporter implemented layoffs on Thursday, impacting a small number of editorial staffers, including longtime TV editor Lesley Goldberg, who has been with the outlet since 2003.  …
Prices rose 3.3 percent in May from a year earlier, according to data released Wednesday, a lower number than expected. Partisan media outlets covered that number very differently. Conservative …
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"Final Phase" for local media: Gordon Borrell affirms content as the lifeline

During this exclusive E&P interview, Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, provided critical insights into the evolving landscape of local media. Highlighting a seismic shift in the industry, Borrell emphasized content as a key differentiator in what he terms the “final phase” for local media. To underscore this, he announced the relocation of Borrell Associates’ 2025 annual conference from Miami to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at ASU.

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Small newsrooms have a lot to think about when considering internships. A new handbook written by Barbara Selvin, an associate professor emerita at the School of Communication and Journalism at Stony Brook University, addresses a multitude of questions that will arise. The handbook is presented by The Daily Catch, a nonprofit news source based in Red Hook, Hudson Valley, New York, with funding support from the D.J. McManus Foundation.
The University of Iowa insists on maintaining its status as a school that elevates writing. But it is also generating new opportunities for students. To that end, it now has more news publications to serve as a training ground for its journalists. The school’s student-run news organization is leveraging its nonprofit status to give students more opportunities while also saving two endangered rural newspapers.
At its core, data journalism is seen as a critical way of holding the powerful to account. It allows journalists to share their receipts with the public. That proof comes from finding the relevant data and analyzing it so that it can be presented in a way that explains why it’s important. Cheryl Phillips, the founder of Big Local News at Stanford University, says even the smallest newsrooms with people who aren’t specifically trained as data journalists can do important data work.
Conservative media outlets selectively used a camera angle that left out important context to spread a claim Thursday and Friday that President Joe Biden wandered off from a meeting of world leaders, …
Microsoft and OpenAI have asked a federal court to toss the “harvesting” suit filed against them by eight Alden Global Capital papers in April. The Microsoft motion notes that  …
Boone Newsmedia, Inc., (BNI) and Carpenter Media Group (CMG) have announced future ownership of eight local media companies that had been jointly owned by the two companies.
In light of a potential walkout by IAPE-represented employees at Dow Jones and financial hardships that some members may face, the union that represents journalists at The Wall Street Journal, and Barron’s is looking to start a strike fund.
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The Las Vegas (Nevada) Review-Journal has committed to a very large Goss Newsliner Press Drive upgrade project with imPRESSions Worldwide, Inc. from Burlington, Washington, in conjunction with  DCOS from Sweden, following a large wave of printers making similar decisions as of late.

The Jacobs Family has sold its J-Ad Graphics publishing business to JAMS Media, LLC and its View Newspaper Group of Lapeer, Michigan, according to Joe Bella, independent broker with BVC LLC. Bella represented the Jacobs family in the transaction.
On April 1, The Albuquerque Publishing Co., based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, went live with the Community Advertising System (CAS) from SCS.
In the ever-evolving world of online news, securing reader loyalty and generating sustainable revenue remains a constant battle. While paywalls have become a popular strategy, many publications, like HuffPost, are hesitant to restrict access to their content and prefer to keep their award-winning journalism free and available to all.
LNP Media Group, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has reached an agreement with SCS to install the Community Advertising System (CAS).
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Hyperlocal news publisher and creator of Broadstreet Kenny Katzgrau teamed up with Montclair Local's Annette Batson to deliver a highly polished and tactical webinar on achieving same-day closes with digital advertisers.

Watch this "E&P Reports" Sponsored Webinar revealing how these three news publishers are taking advantage of the new, growing, impactful media of digital signage, to reach new readers and drive new revenue.
In this fast paced, E&P Sponsored Webinar learn how European media companies are generating over a hundred thousand dollars each in new, turn-key, SMB ad revenue, using an AI tool that instantly develops complete marketing campaigns for local advertisers.
Imagine an assistive AI tool that efficiently reformats your newsroom content into various text, audio, and video formats instantly. Not only does it streamline the process, but it also autonomously generates headlines and keywords to optimize SEO performance for your stories. Watch this insightful E&P Sponsored Webinar, where we'll delve into how NOTA is reshaping the landscape of news content creation. Explore their suite of assistive AI tools designed to amplify the impact and reach of human-authored stories.