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AL DÍA going national with its focus on Latino Americans

Martin Alfaro’s promotion to general manager at AL DÍA­ marked the start of his new year.  “I found a unique space and a huge opportunity,” Alfaro says of his new role. That unique space is the audience AL DÍA captures, and that opportunity he mentioned is creating content that some publications lack.

Labor puts it all on the line. 2022 was a banner year for union membership, walkouts and strikes

There’s something palpable happening across the U.S. news media landscape. 2022 was a year when unions gained momentum and seized new leveraging power. They deployed tactics like social media campaigns, lobbying, walkouts and strikes to garner public support and implore news publishers to the bargaining table.

Journalists are routinely vilified on social media and the beat, with women enduring the brunt of the abuse

There were 25 organized troll campaigns targeting women reporters in the first half of 2020, according to Ms. Magazine. Additionally, the magazine cited 267 attacks and threats, with many mentioning women’s appearance and sexuality, including death and rape warnings. Here are three steps supervisors should be taking to better protect women journalists.
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University of Oregon journalism chair asks Gannett to donate The Eugene Register-Guard to the school

In this 173rd episode of “E&P Reports,” we go one-on-one with Peter Laufer, Ph.D., an award-winning journalist, professor of journalism, James N. Wallace Chair of Journalism at the University of Oregon and author of "Slow News: A Manifesto for the Critical News Consumer." We ask Laufer about his recent campaign to get Gannett to donate the city’s paper of record, The Eugene Register-Guard, to the school and his views on the media industry today.

Steve Waldman’s Rebuild Local News Coalition — aggregating industry advocacy

In this 172nd episode of "E&P Reports," we go one-on-one with Steven Waldman, co-founder of Report for America and chair of the Rebuild Local News Coalition, an alliance of local news organizations developed to advance a range of public policies addressing the accelerating crisis in local news. Waldman speaks to why the new coalition is necessary and what its priorities are, what initiatives they are championing and how they can help move public policies along on a state and national level.

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Gerard Ryle has turned standard practices upside-down to enable a nonprofit organization with limited resources to produce groundbreaking global projects. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists brings in trusted journalists from around the world, giving them access to information in exchange for their media organization’s resources.
Our 25 Under 35 salute showcases our future — one that’s inspired, passionate and innovative, reinvigorated by fresh ideas and talent. E&P thanks the colleagues who thoughtfully nominated this year’s deserving nominees. Cheers to E&P’s 2023 class of 25 Under 35!
Serving as a forum for personal and professional networking is a benefit of social media, but its global reach and popularity have resulted in the posting of information — often described as “news” — from less-than-transparent and unverifiable sources. To make it easier for the public to recognize trustworthy journalism, Reporters Without Borders created the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI) in 2019.
Despite what many believe about printing, it is not a dying practice. The printing industry continues to experience growth in other areas, such as advertising. The Global Commercial Printing Market is projected to be worth $484.22 billion by 2027, a nearly 12% increase from 2021.
Nonprofit news collaborations deepen investigative work, amplify quality journalism and connect for-profit news organizations to new funding streams. Lisa Yanick Litwiller, director of audience at the Center for Public Integrity, said collaborations give journalists the resources for the deep work that drew many journalists to the industry in the first place.
I’ll give you some business advice you probably don’t get a lot: Stop. Stop already! Your business is trying to do too much at once; you’re trying to do too much. Stopping is often viewed as a failure or, at the very least, a lack of success. But “not winning right this second” and “losing” are very different things. But how do you tell what’s worth your time?
CNN begins the new year a leaner news media company. This past year saw resignations, layoffs, the promise and peril of CNN+, as well as a number of programming changes. At the same time, CNN rose to the formidable challenge of covering war — a complicated, expensive, messy, dangerous, yet essential endeavor.
Teddy bears on the moon. A cat wearing VR headsets. Homer Simpson in “The Blair Witch Project.” It’s time for journalists to have a serious discussion about how good artificial intelligence has become at creating an image for just about any idea imaginable.
A democracy can’t function and flourish without educated and informed citizens. KSPS, the public television station in Spokane, Washington; the Spokane Area League of Women Voters (LWV); and the Spokane Public Schools created Civics Bowl, a quiz show of competing high school students, to promote responsible citizenship.
About a decade ago, Peter Laufer, Ph.D., was in Italy enjoying a leisurely lunch with a publisher. They were making plans for an Italian translation of a book he’d written, “The Dangerous World of Butterflies,” when their discussion turned to the plight of news and the public’s changing news consumption habits. Where they sat, they weren’t far from where the “slow food movement” was born — for which quality ingredients and their provenance from farm to table are valued above speed and cost-efficiency. Laufer conceived of a similar concept applied to newsgathering, what he called “slow news.”
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Diversity Spotlight
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The Tampa Bay Times has launched, an event ticket management platform. The new venture allows event organizers and venues to sell tickets to their events through the website.
Harrowing video and excellent explanatory journalism helped the world try to comprehend the earthquakes and aftershocks.
TownNews, the Software as a Service division of Lee Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: LEE), has launched its new name and brand identity, BLOX Digital.
The rapid rise of generative AI tools like ChatGPT could displace dozens of media companies if they don't move quickly to adapt to a new internet reality.
Four newsrooms in Pittsburgh openly acknowledged their struggles to serve communities of color and dedicated themselves to concrete changes related to diversity and inclusion following a near-year-long project with the American Press Institute.
More women at the top increases the likelihood of women rising through the ranks. Are these appointments more important in this respect than the increased number of women on boards?
The Maine Press Association awarded $3,000 in scholarships to three Maine journalism students in January.
Vox Media, the digital media holding company whose titles include New York Magazine, Eater and The Verge, has raised $100 million from Penske Media Corp., according to two sources familiar with the situation.
Julia Angwin founded The Markup with the idea that striving for vague concepts like “objectivity” or “fairness” can lead to false equivalents. A better approach, she believes, is for journalists to seek a hypothesis and assemble evidence to test it. 
The New York Times Company and Google announced an expansion of their collaboration with a multi-year commercial agreement yesterday.
For decades, broadcast meteorology has been dominated by white men — leaving out women, and particularly women of color. Of the hundreds of chief meteorologists at news stations across the country, few are Black women.
Over the next year, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism will work together with communities that are marginalized, and communities that have been harmed or ignored by the media, on investigations.
The National Enquirer, the scandal-plagued tabloid that engaged in “catch-and-kill” practices to bury stories about Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, has been sold.
The fit between the 230-year-old Bill of Rights and the electronic age is at issue in an attack by news outlets on Virginia’s segregated system of access to court records, one for patricians with power and another for commoners with none.
A defamation lawsuit by President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign against The Washington Post was dismissed by a federal judge.
Elaíze Farias, editor of news outlet Amazônia Real, wants her "post-colonial" journalism to put the voices of marginalized people first.
While each newsroom’s union contract differs, here are some of the ways unions represented by guilds in New York are addressing layoffs.
Gannett Co., Inc. has announced that the company used proceeds of $21.3 million from real estate sales completed in January 2023 to reduce its first lien debt by $22.3 million.
The new report features stories from European news publishers that embraced an audience-first mindset during their participation in the Table Stakes Europe program. By choosing specific target audiences and starting to produce journalism that serves their needs, the companies were able to create loyal new readers and accelerate their digital transformation.
The U.S. government is not investigating Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase.
Industry Partner News
The Economist and PressReader have announced an expansion of their strategic partnership to further broaden the publication’s digital distribution and increase group subscriptions. The continued and deepened partnership helps PressReader carry out its mission to empower and enrich curious minds by bringing a universe of quality content within reach.
Doorfront Direct, the nation’s largest independent magazine and catalog delivery network, celebrates its five-year anniversary on Dec. 5.
In October 2022, Seawave Corporation, publisher of the Cape May County Herald in Rio Grande, New Jersey, signed a contract with SCS to implement the Community Advertising System to standardize and modernize its advertising and production workflows.
We're proud to announce that Column is now a certified B Corporation. Our certification establishes us amongst a small subset of public benefit corporations officially certified by the B Lab, a global nonprofit network committed to making all businesses a force for good. In our most recent blog, Melissa Theiss, head of people at Column, explains our certification, what a B Corp Score means and how we're committed to making an impact.
On Tuesday, Oct. 18, the trading platform for journalism — Journexx — is launching its final test phase before opening its doors to the entire publishing industry.
Each year Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P) and the Local Media Consortium (LMC) recognize companies that have done the impossible through successful innovation, implementing cost savings or developing new programs that have generated considerable increases in revenue or audience.
We need your help in recognizing the next generation of news publishing leaders,. We’re talking about people who are young, bright, and capable of tackling whatever the changing news media climate throws at them. Please help us by nominating a news publishing up-and-comer (or yourself) for our “25 Under 35” feature story that will appear in our February 2023 issue.
It's going to be a rough year for local advertising in 2023. Borrell is forecasting that growth will be at a near-standstill, held back by a combination of economic pressures and a dramatic reshaping of the type of businesses now operating in each market. Borrell will unveil its forecasts and describe the change in business composition during a 45-minute webinar at 11 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, Nov. 17. The webinar is free.
Mediahuis, an international media group with a range of powerful brands and activities in many European countries and Ireland's leading print and digital media publisher, reaches millions …
#NewsMedia Stocks of Interest
Chad Wingo has been promoted to the position of publisher at The Union newspaper in Grass Valley, California.
Monica Richardson, executive editor of the Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald, has been named vice president of news for large markets for parent company McClatchy.
The Chicago Tribune has promoted newsroom veteran Phil Jurik to managing editor, the latest change to the newspaper’s masthead.
Site Impact, a leader in providing multi-channel direct digital marketing solutions, has announced the appointment of three leading industry innovators to its inaugural board.
The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) welcomes to its board of directors Sudeep Reddy of POLITICO, Krissah Thompson of The Washington Post, and José Zamora of Exile Content Studio.
Chris Spadaccini has been named chief marketing officer for The CW Network, where he will oversee the network’s broadcast and digital marketing divisions.
CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo will be the new host of long-running series “African Voices Changemakers,” which profiles outstanding individuals from across the continent.
The Delmarva Group of Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA welcomes Konrad LaPrade to the role of group publisher.
The Online News Association, the world’s largest digital journalism association, is thrilled to announce that LaSharah S. Bunting is the association’s new CEO and executive director, effective March 13.
Mike Smith has joined Frequence as vice president of sales. Smith will be responsible for driving business development and industry-wide adoption of Frequence’s best-in-class technology platform.
Hagadone Corporation Chairman and CEO Brad Hagadone and Media Division president Clint Schroeder have named Montana regional advertising director Anton Kaufer as the newspaper group’s next regional publisher.
Industry Obits
In 1973, she was the first woman hired by The New York Times to be a full-time staff photographer.
Witty and contrarian, he was the longtime editor and later publisher of The Nation and wrote an acclaimed book about the Hollywood blacklisting era.
Virgil Shipley, a longtime photographer and reporter for the Mount Vernon (Ohio) News, has died.
She was well known in the San Francisco area for focusing on subjects like racism, sexism and drugs, in columns that sometimes angered sports stars.
John Lampson, 86, a native of Jefferson and Ashtabula County, died Saturday, Jan. 14, in his apartment in Mentor, Ohio, with his wife Marilyn by his side, following a brief illness. Lampson served as president and publisher of Gazette Newspapers from 1985 to 2005, later becoming the publisher emeritus, which he served until his death.
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