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“We’re holding up a mirror to see how officers treat their own and what that means for the community when police victimize their fellow men and women in blue,” Samantha Max explains to listeners in “Behind the Blue Wall,” which earned the journalist the WBUR 2021 Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize. E&P spoke with Max after the award was announced to learn about her professional path in journalism and her award-winning work.
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Sales by nature is challenging, fun, varying, fulfilling and sporadic, but it can sometimes become relatively routine. Media sales has seasons, and it’s essential to slow down and take time away from that routine. Take time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished and reenergize your thought patterns to reinvent or enhance your business development strategies and departmental approach.
Helen Ubiñas knows there are voices and perspectives missing in journalism. In 2018, Ubiñas, who writes columns on equity, equality and justice for The Philadelphia Inquirer, experimented with the idea of a pop-up newsroom. The goal was to bridge gaps between local media and community members. While the pop-up newsrooms are on pause because of COVID, more are planned for the future.
It’s always been tough to convince editors to try a new comic strip, especially when it means killing a feature some segment of the audience has grown to love. That tension has only gotten worse in recent years, as cost-cutting deepened the risk-averse approach most newspapers take with their comics section. Unfortunately, like the newspapers they serve, syndicates feel the impact of journalism's digital transformation from printed pages to pixels on a screen.
Focusing on its content and the communities it serves is the secret behind the success of The Post and Courier newspaper, says Publisher P.J. Browning. While the COVID-19 pandemic was the death knell for many newspapers across the country, including 10 in South Carolina, The Post and Courier expanded into other parts of the state. Its family-owned business model has given the newspaper the leeway needed to hire more journalists, produce more content and grow its digital audience.
The nation’s first abolitionist newspaper, The Emancipator, has been reborn as a digital platform to dismantle racist systems. It's using a three-pronged approach to reach its audience. Editorial content will include articles and videos published on the website (and sometimes in the pages of partners, like the Boston Globe). It takes a “social-first” approach, sharing content to encourage conversation, not just sharing links. And it will involve community-based workshops and other events.
In May, Insider won a Pulitzer Prize, joining a small group of digital-only news organizations awarded journalism’s top prize. But like Politico back in 2012, the recognition came in an unlikely category for an online news organization — cartooning.
Each week, residents in 110 Los Angeles neighborhoods receive the Crosstown Neighborhood Newsletter in their inbox. The newsletter contains brief stories that reach readers where they are, with infographics about the number of new COVID infections and vaccination rates, as well as reports on housing issues and crime. The editorial staff comprises only 13 people, nine of whom are students.
When sharing your financials with your team, try to not give people more information they need to perform their jobs. Isolate the things that are high-impact and they can control. For example, instead of issuing that 47-line sheet, offer routine updates with three items that they have the most control over on the revenue side and four items that they have the most control over on the expense side.
Democracy is always messy — and American democracy may be the messiest. In our constant effort to form “a more perfect union,” intricate voting rules and procedures put in place to protect that right (or gain a partisan advantage) are understood by few, except those who labor in the complex state and county election bureaucracies and who do their best to administer that process. News outlets, journalists and editors are dedicated to overcoming the challenges of reporting on voting rights.
The hiring process can be mysterious, inflexible and full of unpaid labor for candidates. Great talent can be slipping through the cracks just because our current systems for hiring are set up to benefit those who have both the time and money to get through them. Learn why that can be an equity issue.
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Covering a complex topic that spans laws, beliefs and lived experience requires nuance and context.
The Professional Freedom & Responsibility Committee of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication has announced the 2022 First Amendment Award winner: Steven Waldman, president and co-founder of Report for America.
As laws in the United States continue to undergo massive change, one in particular — the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which transfers the right to abortion from federal to state governments — may prompt people to move away from Google and Bing as they rethink privacy.
The Supreme Court made huge headlines on Friday with its decision to end the constitutional right to abortion. But the decision was also unusual because it was already known.
Researchers who depend on CrowdTangle to find social media’s worst content are worried about what happens when it goes away.
Two dozen Democratic senators on Thursday called on President Biden to get the U.S. “directly involved” in an investigation into last month’s shooting death of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was killed while reporting on an Israeli military operation in the West Bank city of Jenin.
Every time the Supreme Court hands down crucial opinions, tens of thousands of people follow along at the same virtual place: SCOTUSblog.
“Kyle Rittenhouse is raising funds to sue the left-wing media organizations for defamation and now you can help,” reads a module on the preorder website.
The Legal Support Fund will help cover the costs fact-checkers ensue while facing unlawful charges.
Statistical significance is a highly technical, nuanced mathematical concept. Journalists who cover academic research should have a basic understanding of what it represents and the controversy surrounding it.
Though it’s been known over the years by different names, such as Teaching Newspaper and Teaching Media, one of Medill’s most distinctive and influential programs, now called “Journalism Residency,” is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022.
Twitter continues to step up the introduction of tools and services that advertisers can use to create engagement and plan performance.
The threats to democracy are everywhere now. A new guidebook tries to show reporters the right way to cover them.
English is the closest thing we have to a global language, but extra effort is needed to make sure English-language journalism can be understood globally.
A federal appeals court on Wednesday upheld Arkansas’ law requiring state contractors to pledge not to boycott Israel, finding the restriction is not an unconstitutional violation of free speech.
Google is now the first paying customer for the online encyclopedia's commercial venture Wikimedia Enterprise.
The city of Gilroy, California, just put a charter amendment on the November ballot to eliminate the requirement for publishing bids in newspapers of general circulation. This June 22 editorial was published by the Gilroy Dispatch in response to the city's action.
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The Argus-Press in Owosso, Michigan, replaced its local workflow with the cloud-based ProImage NewsWayX production workflow to enjoy the cloud-based solution's speed and flexibility.
Families often lived in multiple places, posing an challenge when placing obituaries. So AdPortal Obituaries from iPublish Media Solutions now allows funeral homes and soon private parties to publish an obituary to any additional newspaper in the Memoriams network, including 3300 plus newspapers, without double entry.
Doorfront Direct, the nation’s largest magazine and catalog delivery network, announced this week that Lee Enterprises, the leading provider of news and information in 77 U.S. markets, has launched weekly magazine delivery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with plans for other markets under way.
How long should it take to layout a newspaper? What about 6 minutes? That’s the maximum time it takes to place display ads in each of 400 newspapers at Lee Enterprises. Read about how it is done.
The problem with legals has always been that publishing public notices is cumbersome. It bogs down staff and puts at risk the continued existence of legals in newspapers by frustrating the governments, law firms and citizens required to file them. But, there is a solution.
In this sixty-minute live “E&P Reports” Sponsored Webinar, attendees will learn how publishers can find new profits by downsizing staff, accounting costs while upgrading their digital presence - at no cost. And how any industry professional can find a new career as a local community publisher with a quick path to profitability.
Help us recognize the foundation of news publishing, the Operations leaders who help us produce quality products each day while keeping an eye on the bottom line! Nominate an Operations colleague today, so we can profile them and share their ideas with the global news publishing industry in our 2022 class of "Operations All-Stars!" The three category winners receive $2,000 and travel to the ING Fall Conference, Sept. 17-18, 2022, in Newport, R.I.
Help us recognize the heart and soul of our industry, the leaders who help us produce quality products each day while keeping an eye on our bottom lines! Nominate a colleague today, so we can salute them and share their ideas with the global news publishing industry in our 2022 class of "Operations All-Stars!" The three category winners receive $2,000 and travel to the ING Fall Conference, September 17-18, 2022, in Newport, Rhode Island.
#NewsMedia Stocks of Interest
The Vineyard Gazette, the leading newspaper on Martha’s Vineyard, will welcome a new editor in July when Brian P. Boyd succeeds Julia Wells, who is retiring after 18 years as newsroom leader.
Geoff Thompson, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Media Production, Management and Technology lecturer, has been named the new Associate Director of Sports Journalism and Communication beginning Aug. 15.
Sabrina Ram is joining The Philadelphia Inquirer as its vice president of communications. Ram begins at The Inquirer on June 27.
Alejandro de Onís has been appointed Knight’s vice president for communications and digital strategy. Roshell R. Rinkins was appointed Knight’s vice president for grants administration and chief diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) officer.
In his position as Democracy Initiative Manager, Jaisal Noor will be working with newsrooms to uncover and share stories of how to build healthier, more accessible democracy for everyone.
Veteran Washington Post editor is taking the editorial reins of a publisher and media company with expanding global initiatives.
Washington Post tech reporter Reed Albergotti has been hired by news startup Semafor to oversee its technology coverage.
Katherine Landergan is joining The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as the Health and Safety Net reporter.
Megan McCrea is joining the Special Sections wing of the Print Hub as a senior staff editor.
Mark Millsap will oversee the daily operations of the Jefferson City News Tribune, Fulton Sun, California Democrat and HER Magazine, along with CMNI's commercial printing facility.
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A former campaign strategist, he became a fixture in American political journalism and punditry and was seen on “PBS NewsHour” for 33 years.
Chuck Bohnet served in a variety of executive roles at The Forum, WDAY and Forum Communications. He is remembered as a "super star" executive and "quintessential advertising man."
Long-time Tullahoma News publisher, former owner of The Moore County News, career journalist and accomplished race car driver Terry G. Craig passed away at the age of 83.
He reported on the presidential campaign trail for NBC, made prizewinning documentaries for CNN and moderated "Washington Week" for PBS.
A 32-year-old French journalist was killed on Monday in eastern Ukraine when the armored bus he was riding in was hit by shrapnel from a shell, according to French and Ukrainian authorities.
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