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Is journalism just a rich kid’s hobby?

For most journalists who don’t come from generational wealth starting out in their careers, taking up journalism as a career is a risky move, especially for underrepresented minorities like Niya Doyle. Who can survive on the $15–20 an hour a full-time internship might offer? Let alone perform free labor for publications that can't afford to pay writers anything at all? But without clips, you can't grow in the field or eventually write for larger publications, which means bigger earning potential.

NOTUS: Covering government, politics and elections, while training the next generation of journalists

Nonprofit news outlet NOTUS is keeping a close eye on all things government, politics and the election campaigns, but what makes the Washington, D.C.-based outlet unique are the bylines behind the daily reporting. Short for News of the United States, the publication provides in-depth analysis reported by journalism newcomers alongside veteran reporters about what’s going on in Washington, D.C., and why the news matters beyond Congress.

Navigating the storm: The disruption of local television (Part 1)

Local television is experiencing significant changes, including the push from networks to move top shows to streaming platforms, audience declines, and the rise of free ad-supported streaming TV. These changes have resulted in a decline in retransmission fees, increased pressure to produce varied content, and a shift in revenue models. Despite these challenges, local content still has value, and local broadcasters can engage with their communities in new ways, pivot their business models, and find new revenue streams.

CatchLight: Revitalizing visual storytelling in local newsrooms and media

CatchLight was founded in 2015 as a “visual-first media organization that leverages the power of visual storytelling to inform, connect and transform communities.” Today, the 11-member CatchLight staff is supported by a distinguished group of photojournalists, media executives, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs on its board of directors. Its advisory council includes leaders in media, photography and academics, as well as many influencers of the visual arts worldwide.

Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism aims to make tuition free for all students by 2026

Dean Graciela Mochkofsky is on a mission to make tuition free for all Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism students at The City University of New York (CUNY) by 2026. It’s just one of her ambitious plans for the school, its students, New York City and the broader journalism community. Mochkofsky is the third dean of the graduate school — one of the youngest J-schools in the country, founded in 2006.
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A new measure being debated in the Illinois General Assembly would create a tax credit for certain news publishers based on the number of reporters they employ.  The proposal from Sen. …

The journalism industry has been under immense economic pressure over the past two decades, so it makes sense that journalists have started experimenting with generative AI to boost their …
The co-founder of a local reporting initiative in California is being recognized for her work mentoring young reporters and improving community news. Tasneem Raja, who helped set up the Cityside …
BuzzFeed, Inc. has announced its go-forward model for employee equity compensation and incentives. BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti is leading the way for this change, taking the majority of his compensation as a stock-based package — at the money options — and removing the bulk of his cash based-compensation.
Student protest organizations have rules against speaking to the media.
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Detroit PBS CEO Rich Homberg's mission to redefine local media

Detroit Public Television, now rebranded as Detroit PBS, is poised for a transformative journey as it makes a resounding return to the vibrant heart of the city. With a renewed commitment to serving its community with integrity and innovation, the organization, under the leadership of President & CEO Rich Homberg, is embarking on an ambitious mission to redefine local media.

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According to a research report co-produced by FT Strategies and Knight Lab at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, the disconnect in news consumption is growing as some publications focus on consumers they can monetize instead of building relationships with younger readers. Jeremy Gilbert, a Medill professor and Knight Chair in Digital Media Strategy, told E&P that the gap between what people want from news and what they’re getting is getting wider.
In the past, local newspapers dominated the local news ecosystem with large teams creating the most content. However, today, newsroom size is not necessarily associated with making more money. Being profitable and raising money is a challenge, but carving out distinctive beats may be a path to financial sustainability in an increasingly competitive market.
The news media industry is often focused on the people in the spotlight, but the contributions of those behind the scenes are truly immeasurable. In newsrooms across the country, editors carry heavy responsibilities. They lead the newsroom, determine what stories should be told and challenge assertions with unwavering commitment to the public’s interest. Their insight, experience and leadership are indispensable and elevate journalism to new heights. Despite not being as celebrated as bylined reporters or columnists, their invaluable contributions cannot be overlooked. We hope you enjoy meeting this exemplary group of E&P’s 2024 Editors Extraordinaire.
The owners of the Daily Gazette have agreed to the framework of a deal to sell the company to Gazette publisher John DeAugustine, the Hume-Lind family announced Wednesday.
The Indy is back under new ownership as a for-profit enterprise that will publish twice a month. The effort comes with a new editorial staff and is bankrolled by a pair of local businessmen, Kevin O’Neil and J.W. Roth, who say they want a voice in the growing city.
The Jacobs Family has sold its J-Ad Graphics publishing business to JAMS Media, LLC and its View Newspaper Group of Lapeer, Michigan, according to Joe Bella, independent broker with BVC LLC. Bella represented the Jacobs family in the transaction.
Journalists participating in the pilot program will use AI to produce bulleted “key points” of their story.
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On April 1, The Albuquerque Publishing Co., based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, went live with the Community Advertising System (CAS) from SCS.

In the ever-evolving world of online news, securing reader loyalty and generating sustainable revenue remains a constant battle. While paywalls have become a popular strategy, many publications, like HuffPost, are hesitant to restrict access to their content and prefer to keep their award-winning journalism free and available to all.
LNP Media Group, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has reached an agreement with SCS to install the Community Advertising System (CAS).
PressReader announces the addition of 18 key titles from Mediahuis Ireland to its expansive catalog, featuring popular publications such as the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Belfast Telegraph, Sunday World, The Herald and more.
Kurt Jackson, owner of long-time publishing systems supplier Software Consulting Services, LLC (SCS), announced the creation of a new start-up — SN1, LLC.
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