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Turning pages into profits: Success stories in news special editions

Generating revenue remains a constant challenge. Some news outlets are reinventing special sections and editions, a traditional segment of most newspapers, to attract more readers and new and loyal advertisers. Here are four examples that publications and news outlets can adopt.

Black women leaders in journalism: Breaking barriers, forging the future

Over the past year, Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins, president of the Society of Professional Journalists; LaSharah Bunting, CEO and executive director of the Online News Association; and Karen Rundlet, CEO and executive director of the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), have stepped into the lead role at three of the most influential news associations, each as the first Black woman to hold the post. In interviews with E&P, they spoke about their new roles, how they got there and how they hope to advance their individual organizations and journalism writ large.

Would reinstating public editors bring back trust in media?

In the 1980s, many cash-flush news organizations employed a public editor specifically to build and foster trust between readers and journalists. These days, just two news organizations in the United States — NPR and PBS — still appear to employ a public editor. So, is it time for more news organizations to consider hiring ombudspersons to help rebuild trust in the media — one community at a time?
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The University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism has released its first-ever Maryland Local News Ecosystem Study , which examines the state of local news in Maryland.

The legislation requires China-based parent company ByteDance to divest TikTok in nine months to a year in order to avoid an effective ban in the U.S.
The nation’s biggest business lobbying group and a national tax-services firm both sued the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday, igniting a flare of lawsuits over the agency’s regulation aimed at ending noncompete agreements.
The Star Tribune Media Company, the largest news organization in the Midwest, has announced "Minnesota Matters,” an event series taking place over the next several months. The series includes a robust schedule of community events across Minnesota, focused on strengthening journalism and communities in our state.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted 3-2 on Tuesday to ban noncompete agreements that prevent tens of millions of employees from working for competitors or starting a competing business after they leave a job.
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In a historic development, New York State has approved a budget allocating $90 million in tax credits to support local journalism. Spearheading the advocacy were the over 200 news publishing members of the Empire State Local News Coalition. This exclusive interview with newspaper executive and coalition founder Zack Richner along with Rebuild Local News founder Steven Waldman, sheds light on the legislation's journey from bill to law. They also offer insights on how this single passage could spark similar initiatives nationwide.

In a significant development for the media landscape, the Kansas Reflector found itself entangled in a contentious dispute with Facebook. Sherman Smith, Editor-in-Chief of this States Newsroom affiliate, divulged the unfolding narrative during an exclusive conversation. It started innocuously with an editorial on climate change, triggering a sequence of events that underscored the complexities media outlets face in navigating digital platforms.
Join us for this episode of 'E&P Reports' as we delve into The Chronicle of Philanthropy's groundbreaking initiative led by senior editor Drew Lindsay. Discover how their innovative online platform, 'The Commons,' is poised to tackle America's deep divides head-on. From political polarization to socio-economic disparities, explore how The Chronicle is fostering dialogue and understanding in an era of increasing division and uncertainty.
In this month's column, E&P columnist Guy Tasaka shares some thoughts on what the future local media website looks like and how local media publishers can thrive in the new environment. As you read his thoughts, consider that any local presence that has the legacy trust can take this playbook and run with it. It could be the two largest television stations in the market, the public media company, the big university or the local chamber of commerce. There are no swimlanes anymore, and local media 3.0 will be a winner-take-all race.
The 2024 class of 10 News Publishers That Do It Right is now E&P’s News Media’s 10 to Watch. They represent our industry with small-town publishers to large properties; monthly, weekly and daily publications; legacy print and digital publications; business, university and alternative publications — representing the breadth and depth of our industry. Each faced challenges and innovated to overcome them, and each has a story to tell — revenue, content, community service, engagement, business model or platform. We’re excited to highlight these 10 to Watch to give you energy and ideas.
Although media and journalism may seem to be endangered species, they are critical to revealing the truth, supporting democratic principles and creating more enlightened voters. In the many excellent collegiate media and journalism programs nationwide, the next generation is preparing to step forward to support those principles at Temple's Klein College of Media
Russian officials say confidential discussions about prisoner exchanges are being conducted between Moscow and Washington.
After President Biden signs the bill to force a sale of the video app or ban it, the legislation will face court challenges, a shortage of qualified buyers and Beijing’s hostility.
Poynter announced Tuesday the winners of its inaugural journalism contest, continuing a tradition that was most recently headed by the News Leaders Association.
Attorneys from RCFP and Yale's MFIA Clinic helped journalist Brittany Hailer reach a settlement with the county.
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He stepped out of his behind-the-scenes role in 2004 when he was cast as the ultimate sports know-it-all on the game show “Stump the Schwab.”

John Brewer, whose coast-to-coast journalism career spanned 50 years, including nearly two decades at The Associated Press, has died. He was 76.
A courageous correspondent who reported from the world’s trouble spots. A supporter of humanitarian causes. A good friend. Those were among the reactions to the death of Terry Anderson, the former chief Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press.
GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) — Former North Dakota lieutenant governor and newspaper columnist Lloyd Omdahl has died at 93. Omdahl was the last Democrat to serve as lieutenant governor in North Dakota, the Bismarck Tribune reported. He was appointed to that position by former North Dakota Democratic Gov. George Sinner in 1987 and served as lieutenant governor through 1992.
 Robert MacNeil, who created the even-handed, no-frills PBS newscast “The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour” in the 1970s and co-anchored the show with his late partner, Jim Lehrer, for two decades, died on Friday. He was 93.
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On April 1, The Albuquerque Publishing Co., based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, went live with the Community Advertising System (CAS) from SCS.

In the ever-evolving world of online news, securing reader loyalty and generating sustainable revenue remains a constant battle. While paywalls have become a popular strategy, many publications, like HuffPost, are hesitant to restrict access to their content and prefer to keep their award-winning journalism free and available to all.
LNP Media Group, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has reached an agreement with SCS to install the Community Advertising System (CAS).
In this fast paced, E&P Sponsored Webinar we will chat with two separate European media company executives, who are currently generating over a hundred thousand dollars each in new, turn-key, SMB ad revenue, using an AI tool that instantly develops complete marketing campaigns for local advertisers.
PressReader announces the addition of 18 key titles from Mediahuis Ireland to its expansive catalog, featuring popular publications such as the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Belfast Telegraph, Sunday World, The Herald and more.
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Hyperlocal news publisher and creator of Broadstreet Kenny Katzgrau teamed up with Montclair Local's Annette Batson to deliver a highly polished and tactical webinar on achieving same-day closes with digital advertisers.

Watch this "E&P Reports" Sponsored Webinar revealing how these three news publishers are taking advantage of the new, growing, impactful media of digital signage, to reach new readers and drive new revenue.
Help us recognize the foundation of news publishing, the Operations leaders who help us produce quality products each day while keeping an eye on the bottom line! Nominate an Operations colleague today, so we can profile them and share their ideas with the global news publishing industry in our 2024 class of "Operations All-Stars!"
In a strategic move aimed at optimizing its public notice services, Wick Communications, a third-generation family-owned and operated media corporation, has embraced Column’s latest professional service offering — Column Pro. This shift has reallocated staff resources, cost savings, and increased operational stability. “Column is great about attending to the details, such as keeping our newspaper logos on the invoices. Their team works with us to ensure our long-standing clients understand that Column is our newspaper partner — that we’re all working together," stated Manuel Coppola of Wick Communications.
In 2023, Amsterdam News partnered with Column to streamline its legals. Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, the President and Chief Revenue Officer of Amsterdam News in New York, NY, highlighted three stand-out reasons why their choice to go with Column has paid off. The three most impactful payment features that Column offers are payment alerts, invoice reminders, and the option for prepayment. Read about the solutions.
The National Press Institute for Audience Growth (NPIAG) along with Kelly Robinson, CEO of RedDot announced today they have partnered with Julian Placino, a professional recruiting consultant, to offer an innovative, cost-effective method, known as the Placino Carrier Recruitment Method, to identify, interview, qualify and contract newspaper carriers for any size market.