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Palin COVID-19 tests delay libel trial against NY Times

An unvaccinated Sarah Palin tested positive for COVID-19 Monday, forcing a postponement of the start of a trial in her libel lawsuit against The New York Times.

Lee Enterprises asks investors to help fight off hedge fund

Newspaper publisher Lee Enterprises is asking its shareholders to help it fight off a hostile takeover offer from “vulture hedge fund” Alden Global Capital.

Op-ed: Every news outlet needs a child-care beat

A dedicated beat reporter can develop expertise in the nuances, policy implications and people that shape a subject as complex as child care — all while, hopefully, building public interest and rewarding it with new understanding.

Sarah Palin v. The New York Times could be a groundbreaking journalism case

Most legal experts agree that Palin’s chances of winning the case are pretty low. But it’s not completely out of the question.

Google deceived consumers about how it profits from their location data, attorneys general allege in lawsuits

The complaints allege the company has deployed "dark patterns," design tricks that can subtly influence users’ decisions in ways that are advantageous for a business.

Google asks a judge to dismiss Texas antitrust lawsuit about its ad business

Google filed a motion Friday asking a federal court to dismiss most of the counts in an antitrust lawsuit led by the state of Texas.

WAN-IFRA releases a new report to help understand audiences in a deeper way

WAN-IFRA's new report looks into how 10 European newspapers adopted an audience-centric mindset during the Table Stakes Europe program, allowing them to serve their audiences with targeted content, and helping to transform casual readers into loyal subscribers. Their stories can also be explored in the Knowledge Base, a new resource center dedicated to digital transformation and audience-focused workflows.

Publishers use subscriber-only events to sweeten subscription pitches

As some publishers refrain from returning to in-person events just yet, they are employing their virtual events to aid another direct revenue source: subscriptions.

How secure are journalists’ favorite transcription tools?

How safe are these services and what are they doing to protect your data and your private recordings and transcripts?

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In the past 30 days, the American Journalism Project (AJP) awarded a grant of $1.6 million to Block Club Chicago and contributed to the $20 million in seed money to a new, nonprofit, Houston-based local news outlet. E&P Reports takes an in-depth look at the AJP’s mission of “empowering communities, preserving democracy and rebuilding local news” and how one organization hopes to “supercharge” operations with this recent funding.
Union membership in the United States has been in steady decline for years, largely reflecting the decline in manufacturing and other trade jobs. However, while news organizations continue their decades-long struggle to survive, union organizing efforts among their employees have been on the rise.
Despite so many tumultuous years and scrutiny, the great thing about news media is that it’s still relatively predictable, especially regarding sales planning and forecasting. Here are are a few suggestions for kickstarting your year.
As crazy as it seems, we’re only a couple of months away from entering the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, and newsrooms across the country remain in flux amid the threat of variants and breakthrough cases. And hybrid models involving a mix of remote and office work appears to be the new reality for today's news publishers. A recent survey states only 9% of news organizations plan to force all their employees to return to the office as they did pre-pandemic.
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From the start, the Palin case has been a square-off over the most fundamental of media protections — namely, the “actual malice” standard.
I have proposed a very brief list of 11 key tenets that can act as a contract between journalists and contributors. In the full paper, I outline my case for the BBC to consider adopting this as an official and publicly available Public Contributor Code. But I hope many public service and private news broadcasters will consider adopting them, too.
Aaron Sanderford departs 3 News Now Investigators for the Examiner; his new work will be available on KMTV website.
With strict zero-COVID policy safety measures and increased surveillance, press coverage of the Olympics may just become a "sportswashing" opportunity for China.
The record lobbying surge — more than $20 million for the year — came as the company faced the most serious political crisis in its history.
This week we speak to Carl Bernstein, the Pulitzer prize-winning American journalist who broke the Watergate scandal.
Instead of “inmate,” use “person in prison” or “person who is incarcerated.”
2022 will be the year to tackle the complexities of covering climate change says the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) in a new report. While the obstacles are significant, editors are focused on the challenge.
The Dianne B. Snedaker Chair in Media Trust will fund a research director for the Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology.
Support from New Pluralists will help Trusting News fund the collaborative learning it is doing with newsrooms and the training provided as part of the initiative.
President Biden seemed to stick to the usual White House game plan for the first part of the presser, consulting a seating chart and calling select reporters’ names off a list. But as time wore on, Biden freelanced, calling on whoever had a hand raised.
NBC’s broadcasting teams for figure skating, Alpine skiing and snowboarding had been expected to be in Beijing, but those plans have been canceled.
A Democratic bill introduced this week that would prohibit many forms of behavioral targeting is drawing praise from privacy advocates, but heated opposition from others.
The stabilizing effect nonprofit status has had on the Tribune is drawing attention from newspaper owners.
The author of a book about a powerful politician has been sentenced to two years in prison. Media advocates say the case is part of a trend in which the courts are being used to punish critics.
At launch, only 10 total U.S. creators have gained access to the new feature, as Instagram considers this an “alpha” test meant to allow for feedback from fans and creators alike which it will then iterate upon.
Twitter has long held appeal for journalists looking to connect with audiences and sources. On its best days, the platform is a place where reporters can get story ideas, answer questions and build trust by showing more of their work and process. Twitter Spaces are another way that journalists can continue the conversation, says Eric Zuckerman, head of U.S. news partnerships for Twitter.
the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced that the Campaign for Carolina, the University’s campus-wide fundraising drive that publicly launched in October 2017 and closes Dec. 31, 2022, has eclipsed the $4.25 billion milestone. UNC Hussman has surpassed its $75 million goal with its most recent campaign numbers at more than $85 million raised from 3,450 donors. Along with the State of North Carolina’s generous funding, donations from individuals and institutions are the lifeblood of Carolina. The generosity of individuals and private foundations made this momentous accomplishment possible. These gifts make Carolina the eighth public university in the U.S. to surpass $4 billion in a single campaign — and the only university in the history of the South to surpass $4.25 billion.
The tuition-free program is designed for Black-owned newsrooms that want to build product strategies for digital transformation and sustainability; applications will be accepted until Feb. 17.
Three Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday introduced a privacy bill that would restrict companies from using a broad range of data for ad-targeting purposes.