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Major newspaper chain cuts production time to 6 minutes

How long should it take to layout a newspaper? What about 6 minutes? That’s the maximum time it takes to place display ads in each of 400 newspapers at Lee Enterprises. Read about how it is done.

Monetize local articles by selling worldwide on a revolutionary marketplace

How much could your newspaper make in new revenue from selling quality articles to an international audience?
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CherryRoad Media ramps up legals with new and collaborative technology

The problem with legals has always been that publishing public notices is cumbersome. It bogs down staff and puts at risk the continued existence of legals in newspapers by frustrating the governments, law firms and citizens required to file them. But, there is a solution.
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Accelerating Publishing Profitability Via Media Franchising

In this sixty-minute live “E&P Reports” Sponsored Webinar, attendees will learn how publishers can find new profits by downsizing staff, accounting costs while upgrading their digital presence - at no cost. And how any industry professional can find a new career as a local community publisher with a quick path to profitability.

Stop the presses! It is time to nominate your 'Operations All-Star'

Help us recognize the foundation of news publishing, the Operations leaders who help us produce quality products each day while keeping an eye on the bottom line! Nominate an Operations colleague today, so we can profile them and share their ideas with the global news publishing industry in our 2022 class of "Operations All-Stars!" The three category winners receive $2,000 and travel to the ING Fall Conference, Sept. 17-18, 2022, in Newport, R.I.

"Operations All-Stars" Class of 2022. Nominate a colleague today!

Help us recognize the heart and soul of our industry, the leaders who help us produce quality products each day while keeping an eye on our bottom lines! Nominate a colleague today, so we can salute them and share their ideas with the global news publishing industry in our 2022 class of "Operations All-Stars!" The three category winners receive $2,000 and travel to the ING Fall Conference, September 17-18, 2022, in Newport, Rhode Island.

PAGE Cooperative - Membership Drive

Formed 40 years ago, the PAGE Cooperative has served generations of newspaper leadership and is noting a rising interest in new membership. PAGE bands members together with a common objective of controlling costs but with additional benefits of best practices, advisory and intervention during shortages.

Major Population Trends Mean a New Era for Obituaries

A recent Editor & Publisher sponsored webinar explored four demographic shifts that will impact the obituary market, and covered recommendations of what newspapers can do to secure the future for their most important local content.
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PAGE Cooperative — Still growing savings and revenue for news publishers

Over 40 years ago an invoice that accidently landed on the wrong desk, sparked an initiative to band the newspaper industry together.  That invoice was addressed to a large newspaper chain but was received by a publisher at an independent paper.  When he saw the difference in pricing from the same supplier, the idea was born to form a purchasing cooperative for newspapers.

Improve Products & Profits with Design Subcontracting

On Wednesday February 16th at 12n ET, learn how many of today’s publishers (including E&P) have made the decision to improve productivity and profits by completely outsourcing all design and production services in order to improve productivity and gain major savings. Register for this FREE (sponsored) 1-hour broadcast where you will learn how 4 media companies are now benefiting from design subcontracting.

Playing nice with paywalls

The recent proliferation of paywalls has been impossible to ignore. As more newspapers and other media outlets seek to monetize their online content, they erect walls to protect their content as a necessary and beneficial business strategy.

Optimizing obituaries to drive traffic and increase revenue

Media professionals and publishers with more than 25 years of experience explained how obituaries drive digital traffic, ensure reader engagement, and increase revenue.

The Media Audit is Looking for a Market Manager

The Media Audit, a leader among media and consumer market research companies, is looking for the right individual to work with (and grow) our media client base in the U.S. southwest region. You will be part of a seasoned team of professionals, with backgrounds working in online, television, radio, print, and outdoor, as well as at advertising agencies.

A Call to Serve

Report for America is a national service program that places journalists in local newsrooms to report on under-covered issues and communities. As a Report for America journalist, you’ll join a movement to strengthen communities — and democracy — through local journalism that is truthful, fearless, fair and smart. Our unique model pairs the skills and passion of emerging reporters, photographers and videographers with local news organizations across the country.
Media Job Board

Bay Area News Group is looking for a digital product and sales director

Bay Area News Group, a subsidiary of MediaNews Group, is seeking a Digital Product andSales Director to join the team! The Digital Product and Sales Director designs and executes the sales plan for the department in coordination with senior management and has ultimate accountability for the sales team which drives our success. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, a collaborative spirit, and demonstrates strong leadership qualities that inspire and motivate the sales team.
Recorded on Wednesday, JAN. 12, 2022

Artificial Intelligence, Transforming the News Publishing Industry

On Wednesday, Jan. 12, attendees learned how modern AI (artificial intelligence) can help any media company create new revenue streams, increase site traffic, and measure and run effective audio and influencer campaigns to boost revenue with their content.

E&P's "10 That Do It Right"

Each year E & P is recognizes companies that've done the impossible through successful innovation, implementing cost savings or developed new programs that have generated huge increases in revenue or audience.
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Fresh Original Content and Creative Formats Delight Readers and Attract Advertisers

Humans have told stories through pictures for millennia. The long tradition of sequential art brought us the comic strip in the late 1800s, and William Randolph Hearst founded King Features Syndicate shortly after that. Today, King Features’ classic comics are treasured by millions, while King works to develop new products, services, and voices for the 21st century.

2 case studies on maximizing print and online subscription revenue by leveraging turnkey solutions

This Webinar featured how two news publishing companies cut their marketing spend while still growing needed audience and reader revenue. Attendees gained actionable, take to market, proven solutions that can be implemented by any size media company to grow needed subscription revenue.

Deploying Apps and Audio News Cost Effectively | 3 Case Studies

This one-hour Webinar shows how three publishers are focusing on serving the growing mobile audience with native apps and audio content, both produced automatically as content is published to their WordPress websites.

Over $200,000 in New Branded Content Revenue Through Storytelling | A Case Study

Oregon’s Pamplin Media Group recently generated significant new revenue through the deployment of “The Storyteller Solution,” a new program developed in partnership between the Branded Content Project and Editor & Publisher Magazine.

Saluting Best Workplaces Finds New Revenue from New Business Categories | Two Case Studies

Two news publishers (LNP Media Group and the Colorado Springs Gazette) have found new revenue from new business categories by deploying a “Best Workplaces” multimedia marketing program. Learn all the deployment details.
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Increase Your Revenue Through Recycling

Newspapers need to deliver a superior news and information product to their communities and take advantage of every revenue-generating opportunity – and waste recycling is often overlooked. Maximizing recycling revenues starts with an education in the process, and the professional guidance of CellMark Recycling has enlightened many printing operations.
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Innovation Drives Recycling Newspapers

For newspapers’ pressrooms to operate efficiently and profitably, an innovative recycling program is required and printing facilities as diverse as the Chicago Tribune and South Florida’s Sun Sentinel achieve those goals by partnering with CellMark Recycling.

Free Papers CAN Create Digital PAID Subscribers | Two Case Studies

In this “E&P REPORTS” Sponsored Webinar we explored how two community papers put up paywalls while still delivering a free legacy print product. Attendees learned how the Chesterfield (Va.) Observer (60k circ. Richmond suburban weekly) and the Agoura Hills (Calif.) Acorn (40k circ. Los Angeles suburban weekly) each found new reader revenue through innovative digital subscriber models.
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Covering a complex topic that spans laws, beliefs and lived experience requires nuance and context.
As laws in the United States continue to undergo massive change, one in particular — the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which transfers the right to abortion from federal to state governments — may prompt people to move away from Google and Bing as they rethink privacy.
The U.S. has lost a quarter of its local newsrooms, and without those, communities suffer. But experts have ways we can stem the flow.
Lee Zion, 54, knows he could be tortured or killed but said he’s "not afraid of dying."